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Katherine Moennig: Shane on The L Word


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Katherine Moennig: The L Word's Sexy Star:

Katherine Moennig plays lesbian playgirl Shane on Showtime's lesbian drama, The L Word. Shane has a reputation for loving 'em and leaving 'em, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends.

Great Acting Runs in Katherine Moennig's Family:

Kate Moennig was born December 29, 1976 and grew up in Philadelphia. She is the daughter of a Broadway dancer and a violin maker. She is also the niece of actress Blythe Danner and cousin of Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow.

Kate Moennig often plays androgynous or cross-dressing parts:

Prior to The L Word, Katherine Moennig played a cross-dresser on WB's Young Americans and played a transsexual on Law and Order. She auditioned for the role of Brandon Teena in Boys Don't Cry.

Is Katherine Moennig a lesbian?:

Katherine Moennig refuses to discuss her sexual orientation with the press or public. In an interview with The Advocate she said, "We [actors] want to keep that personal life sacred, because that's what's most important at the end of the day."

The New York Post's Page Six gossip column reported in April 2005 that Kate Moennig and Francesca Gregorini, ex of Portia de Rossi, were spotted ‘canoodling’ at a party at for Paper magazine’s ‘Beautiful People’ issue, in “full view of guests.”

How does Kate Moennig feel about playing a lesbian?:

When asked if playing a lesbian might change people's perceptions of homosexuality, Kate Moennig replied in Girlfriends Magazine: "I certainly hope so, I mean, considering the day and age that we're in, and all the crap that we deal with. Even if people aren't initially open to it, i would hope this would give them some insight, help them to realize that love is love, you know?"

Kate Moennig & The Other L Word Cast Members:

All the actors on The L Word are said to be friends. During filming of the second season, Kate Moennig lived with Leisha Hailey (Alice) and Mia Kirshner (Jenny). Erin Daniels (Dana) lived just down the street.

What Lesbian Movies does Katherine Moennig like?:

Kate Moennig is a fan of the movies. In an interview with Girlfriends magazine she said a few have represented lesbians in a realistic light. "I think High Art was very well done. Or with Bound, for instance, it's not about being gay--it's a crime, a heist, but the chemistry between the two women is so powerful and some amazing that it became more about them."

Did Jennifer Beals "out" Kate Moennig?:

Everyone wants to know if Kate Moennig is a lesbian. Why did something Jennifer Beals say have people wondering if Kate Moennig is a lesbian?
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