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Sarah Shahi: Carmen on The L Word


Sarah Shahi plays Carmen on The L Word

Carmen the Sexy DJ on The L Word:

Twenty five year-old Sarah Shahi plays Carmen, new on The L Word's second season. Carmen is a love interest of both Shane (Katherine Moennig) and Jenny (Mia Kirshner).

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader:

Sarah Shahi. a Texas native, grew up with a Middle Eastern father and a Spanish mother. They divorced when she was young. She became a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in 1999 and then moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue an acting career. Shahi was covergirl for the 2000 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader calendar.

Sarah Shahi Sexy Actress:

Shahi appeared in the feature film Old School as well as the television series Dawson's Creek, Frasier and Alias. Sarah Shahi now plays sexy Carmen, the DJ on The L Word.

Sarah Shahi "Dabbled" in Lesbian Experience:

In an interview with Planet Out, Sarah Shahi said she was comfortable playing a lesbian on The L Word because she "dabbled in it myself for a while." She also says she lives in L.A. and hangs out in gay bars.

How is Sarah Shahi like Carmen?:

Sarah Shahi says that she and the character she plays, Carmen, are alike in that they both are very up front with their feelings and know what they want. "Carmen doesn't play games, and I'm kind of like that myself," she adds.

What does Sarah Shahi think of lesbian relationships?:

In an interview with Planet Out Sarah Shahi says there is no difference between gay and straight relationships. "They're just like everybody else, so fucking leave 'em alone, you know!"
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