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Bisexual and Lesbian Dating Tips

Dating tips for lesbian and bisexual women.

Share your Worst Lesbian Date
Share your worst dating experience and hopefully we can all laugh at it now together. See submissions

How did you meet your partner?
Lesbian and bi women, where did you meet your partner? Share your story of how you met, how you got together and how you knew she was "the one."

Your Favorite Lesbian Date
I gave you some of my ideas for great lesbian dates. What are your ideas for a romantic evening out on the town with your girlfriend or lover?

All About Butches - Everything You Wanted to Know about Butch Lesbians
What does it mean to be a butch lesbian? Do butches want to be men? Do butches only want to date femmes? What do butches like in bed?

Why Do Butch Women Want to Act Like Men?
Do butch women really want to be men? Why do butches dress in men's clothes? What are the stereotypes about butches and what is real?

Do Butch Women only Like Femmes?
Butch/femme, what does it mean? Do butch women only like to date femmes?

Cheap Lesbian Dates
Whether you’re just getting to know someone or are in a long-term relationship, dating doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to impress a girl without forking over for expensive meals and champagne. In these trying times, it’s more important than ever to watch your bottom line, but it is equally important to get out (away from the gloom and doom on the news) and …

What is a lesbian date?
When is it a date versus just friends hanging out getting to know one another? Lesbian dating advice. What makes it a date.

Winter Dates for Lesbians
Looking for ideas for a perfect lesbian date this winter? Here are some fun and romantic idea for winter lesbian dates.

Tell if a Woman is Interested in You
Is she into you? How can you tell? Is she even a lesbian or bisexual? For lesbians and bisexual and curious women, how to tell if another woman in interested in you.

Text Message Etiquette - Etiquette for Lesbians Flirting over Text Messaging
Text messaging is great for flirting and talking to a partner or potential partner. But make sure you're using the correct etiquette while text messaging. Here are some tips for best Text Message Etiquette.

Why Can't I Meet Women?
Feeling frustrated with the lesbian dating scene. Can't seem to meet anyone you really want to date? Here are some tips for lesbians who can't seem to meet anyone they want to date.

How Does a 57 Year Old Lesbian Find Love?
A 57 year old lesbian is looking for love. She hasn't had a date since 1980. How can we help this older woman find love?

Spring Date Ideas for Lesbians
Whether you've just met or have been going out for a long time, everyone knows the way to keep romance alive is to continue to explore new things together while enjoying intimacy and communication. What better way to do that than to take her on a date? Here are some great ideas for Spring dates for lesbians and bisexual women.

What is the difference between Polyamory and Polygamy
Polyamory and polygamy - are they the same? What is the difference between polyamory and polygamy?

What is Polyamory?
What is polyamory? What does it mean to be polyamorous? Is polyamory the same as polygamy?

Gay and Lesbian Couples Handle Conflict Better Than Straights
Do gay men and lesbians get along better than straight couples? A study seems to show that gay and lesbian couples handle conflict better than heterosexual couples.

Break Up with a Girlfriend
How to break up with a girl and do it nicely. Just because you're breaking up, doesn't mean it has to be harsh. Here are some tips for breaking up with a girlfriend without being mean.

Write a Lesbian Love Letter
Here are some tips for writing a love letter to your lover.

Best Fall Dates for Lesbians
Here are some great ideas for Fall lesbian dates. Why not plan a date with your special lady today? Here are some great ideas for dating for lesbians in the Fall.

Why Can't I Meet a Feminine Lesbian?
A lesbian writes in and wants to know where all the feminine lesbians are. She is a feminine lesbian and wants to meet other feminine lesbians. Why can't she meet a feminine lesbian?

Long Distance Lesbian
If you and your partner are in along distance relationship, you've got some unique challenges. Here are some tips for maintaining a lesbian long distance relationship.

Best Summer Dates for Lesbians
Summer is a great time to get outdoor and enjoy a special date with your lesbian love interest. Here are some great ideas for dates in the summer for lesbians and bisexual women.

How to you tell someone you like her without losing her friendship?
How to you tell someone you like her without losing her friendship? For lesbians and bisexual women, you like her and want to tell her, but you're afraid if you do, you'll lose her friendship. What do you do?

Dating Tips for Lesbian Moms
Lesbian moms go on dates. Here are some tips for the newly single or newly out single lesbian mom looking to get into the lesbian dating scene.

Who Pays for a Lesbian Date?
Lesbian dating question: who pays? If you ask someone out, do you have to pay? Who pays for a lesbian date?

First Date Mistakes to Avoid
When you go on a first date, you want things to go well. Just for lesbians, here are some first date mistakes to avoid.

Is She Into Me?
When you're hanging out with a woman and you're not sure if you're dating, or just friends, how do you find out? Is she into me?

Approach a Woman for a Date
How do you meet other lesbian women? How do you approach another lesbian at a bar to ask her on a date or at least get her phone number? Here are some tips for approaching women at a lesbian bar.

Do lesbians dress in sexy underwear for eachother?
A newly out lesbian wants to know, do lesbians dress up in sexy underwear for each other? Does sexy underwear turn women on?

Dating Tips for Lesbians
Here's some advice for the newly single or newly out of the closet lesbian on where to meet the ladies.

Top Places to Meet Lesbians
Where can you meet other lesbians or bisexuals? Here are my top ideas for getting out and meeting other lesbians and bisexual women.

Free Lesbian Personals and Dating Sites
Where can you find free lesbian dating personals? Want to meet lesbians and bisexual women without having to pay or join up? Here are the top places to find free lesbian personal ads.

How to write a Lesbian Personal Ad
How to write a personal ad or online profile for internet dating, lesbian style.

Lesbian Online Dating Tips
I interviewed my sister, an expert in lesbian online dating, for tips on meeting women over the Internet.

Flirting Tips for Lesbians
You've found someone you think you like. How do you let her know you're interested? Here are some tips on the fine art of Flirting for Lesbians.

Lesbian Valentine's Ideas
What are you going to do for your lesbian partner on Valentine's Day? Check out these top ideas for lesbians on Valentine's Day.

Survive a Lesbian Relationship Break-Up
Dealing with the loss of a partner and surviving a lesbian break up can be a big challenge. Here are some tips for making a healthy break and surviving a lesbian relationship break-up.

Butch on Butch Love
How can one butch woman hook up and meet other butch women for dating and relationships?

What is a Bulldyke
Here is the definition of Bulldyke.

What is a LUG? Lesbian until Graduation.

Crush on Older Woman at Gym
You've got a crush on someone, how do you know if she is even into women?

How to Meet LGBT People in College
If you re in college, you might be too young to go to bars to meet other LGBT people. But, as young adults, there are plenty of options to meet other gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans friends and girlfriends/boyfriends. Here are a few places to meet other LGBT students in college. ?

I have a Crush on My Co-Worker - Can I Ask Her Out?
Should she as a co-worker out, when she's not even out to her parents?

What to say to the cute person you don't know
How to walk up to someone you don't know and talk to her.

How to Approach a Girl
How to ask someone out.

Lesbian Dating - How to Make the First Move
When you get two women together, sometimes each of you is waiting for the other to make the first move. Here are some tips for lesbians about how to make the first move in lesbian dating.

Sexy Date Ideas for Lesbians
A list of sexy and erotic date ideas for lesbians.

Lesbian Matchmaker and Relationship Coach
What is a lesbian matchmaker? We talked to matchmaker and lesbian relationship coach Dr. Frankie Bashan to find out.

Dating Tips for Lesbians
Now that you've come out of the closet, where do you meet other women?

Rules for Lesbian Dating
Rules for Lesbian Dating From Dr. Frankie Bashan, lesbian relationship coach

Lesbian Dating Resolutions
Lesbians, what are your dating resolutions? Share your dating tips and resolutions.

Lesbian Dating Resolutions
Lesbian dating experts share some good lesbian dating resolutions for creating healthy, lasting relationships.

Stand Out Online
Make your lesbian online dating profile stand out from the rest. Here are some ways to improve your dating site profiles.

Feeling Incomplete without a Partner
She's searching for her soul mate, the person who completes her. Where will she find her soul mate?

The Single Lesbian's Guide to Summer
The Single Lesbian's Guide to Summer

Lesbians: How to Respond to an Online Personal Ad
How do you respond to a lesbian online dating personal ad in a way that will get a response back? Tips for getting the most out of your lesbian online dating experience.

Dating Out of Your League
Is it possible to date out of your league? What if you're attracted to women who your friends tell you are out of your league?

How to Get a Second Date
How do you get a second date? For lesbians, tips for getting a second date.

Lesbian First Date Ideas
For lesbians going on a first date. Where to go for your first date?

Kim Rosenberg and Meghann Novinskie of Mixology
An interview with lesbian matchmakers Kim Rosenberg and Meghann Novinskie about lesbian dating and matchmaking.

Ten Signs Shes In Love with You
For lesbians, how can you tell if she's in love with you? What are the signs that it's really love?

Alternative Valentines for Lesbians
You're not the average lesbian couple, so why do something average on Valentine's Day. Step outside of your box and out of the norm and try one or more of these alternative Valentine ideas for lesbians.

Clean and Sober Date Ideas
Often times a first date means meeting up for a drink or cocktail. But what if you're sober? What are some fun first date (or any date) ideas for people who do not drink? Check out these clean and sober lesbian date ideas.

HIV Postitive and Dating
When does a HIV positive lesbian reveal her HIV status to someone she is dating and how does she go about it?

Lesbian Valentine's Tips from the Experts
Lesbian Valentines Tips from lesbian experts.

The Place for Femmes - Pink Lobster Dating
A lesbian dating site for lipstick lesbians and femmes: Pink Lobster Dating.

Can a Stud Date a Stud?
Is it wrong for two studs or two butches to date one another? Can butches date one another? Can a stud date another stud?

Where to Meet Lesbians in 2014
Where are the best places to meet lesbians in 2014. Lesbian bars are becoming a thing of the past. So where does a modern woman meet other lesbians for dating and friendship in this new world?

Why you’re not Meeting Quality Women
Single lesbians- why are you not meeting quality women? 6 reasons why you're not meeting quality women to date.

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