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The Single Lesbian's Guide to Summer

How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer


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Single Lesbian's Guide to Summer

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The weather is getting hotter, the days are getting longer and you’re ready to get out there and meet someone new. But how? Where do you start? Here are some tips for single lesbians and how to make the most of your summer.

Join a Group Activity

One of the best ways to meet other women is by doing activities you already enjoy. It’s summer, so why not join a softball team, a walking group, a kickball team, or arts & crafts circle. Joining an activity you enjoy has multiple benefits. First, you’re getting out and doing something you like. When you’re doing something you enjoy, you’re going to feel better about yourself and this is going to make you more attractive.

Second, you’re going to be around people who also enjoy what you enjoy. If you meet someone who you have a potential to date, you’re already going to have something in common and something to talk about as you get to know one another better.

Also, getting involved in group activities expands your social circle. You might not meet someone on your volleyball team that you want to date, but you might meet her at a party hosted by one of your team members.

Try Something New

If you’re doing the same old thing over and over, you’re going to get the same results over and over. Things don’t change unless you change. If you’re not having luck meeting people in the ways you’ve tried before, shake it up and do something new. Is there something on your bucket list you’ve always wanted to try? Stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you’ve never done before enriches you as a person and makes you grow. The new thing doesn’t even have to involve other people. Make a commitment to yourself to write a poem everyday, take up photography or learn a musical instrument. You can decide to do a big crazy challenge, like climbing a mountain or running a marathon. Or you can do little things like try to learn to skateboard or learn to cook a Korean dish. Try to keep up any change for 30 days and it’s more likely to stick. Doing new things benefits you as a person, it gets your brain and body stimulated and increases your self-esteem.

Join a Meet Up Group

Meet Up is the new way to meet people. If you don’t know where to start to find activities that you’d like to join, start with meet up. Meet up groups are in most major cities and smaller communities. Many places have lesbian specific meet up groups. If you don’t see something of interest, you can always start one yourself. And best of all, meet up groups are free.

Start on-Line Dating

If you haven’t taken the step to put yourself online and start online dating, now is the time. Dating online is the best way to ensure that you’re meeting other lesbians who also happen to be single. All of the other things you do can get you in touch with new people, but the ones online are not only single, but, like you, they are actively looking to meet someone. Even if you’ve tried online dating and it hasn’t worked before, give it another go. You never know. More and more people everyday are meeting their partners online.

Get Yourself in Good Physical Shape

If you’re out of shape, summer is great time to change that. Walking is easier now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer. Make a commitment to yourself to get out and walk for 45 minutes before work every morning. Join a gym and go on your lunch hour. Invite friends to join you on weekend bike rides or go jogging with your dog. Once your body starts to get in better shape, you’ll stand up taller, feel more confident in yourself and have more energy to go out dancing in the evening. (Another good form of exercise!)

Get a Make Over

Don’t just pull last year’s old t-shirts and shorts out of the basement and call yourself “good to go.” Go and buy yourself a few new clothing items. Visit the mall and try on a few things that you look and feel good in. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe, but add a few key pieces to freshen up your look. Summer is also a good time to try a new sporty haircut and color.

Try some or all of these things and by the end of the summer, even if you haven’t found the love of your life, you will have made positive steps forward and will probably feel much better about yourself overall. There’s really nothing to lose.

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