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Who Pays for a Lesbian Date?


Question: Who Pays for a Lesbian Date?
You did it! You asked a girl out. Does that mean you have to pay? Who pays for a lesbian date?
Answer: For lesbians, there are no hard and fast rules about dating. If you ask a girl out on a first date, it would be nice if you offer to pay, but you don't have to. It's a smart idea to take her somewhere you know you can afford to pay for both of you. A drink, coffee or simple meal are good choices for first dates. Offer to pick up the tab, but if she insists and is uncomfortable, let her pay her half.

After the first date, you should feel free to split the costs. She might feel obligated to pay the second time if you paid the first. If you feel comfortable, let her pay for the second date. If you keep dating beyond the second date, either split your bills or alternate who pays each time.

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