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Alternative Valentines for Lesbians

Do Something Different This Year


Valentine’s Day has almost become cliché. If you want this Valentine’s Day to really stand out for you and your love, try something different this year. Check out some of these alternative ideas for a very lesbian Valentine’s Day.

1. Bake her a treat.

Chocolate Cakes
© Michael Ruru
Skip the heart-shaped box of chocolates and instead put your heart into making your true love cookies, cake or cupcakes. Try one of these vegan or gluten free recipes. Or bake up some special heart-shaped cookies for your heart’s desire. Make an heart shaped pizza with “I Love You” in pepperoni.

2. Do something wild and crazy

© Alan Thornton/Getty Images
Are you and your lady adrenalin junkies? Why not try something like indoor skydiving at gay-friendly indoor fly company I Fly SF is ready to get you going. Especially if your girl is an adrenalin junkie or astronaut Sally Ride wannabe.

3. Write her some erotica

Lesbian Love Letter
© Kriss Szkurlatowski
Pen a poem, short story or novel, starring, of course, the two of you. Ask your lover about her fantasies and be sure to include them in the tome. Set it in a romantic destination you hope to visit some day, or in your own bedroom, kitchen, parlor or the back seat of your car.

4. Host a dinner party for all your single friends.

Pics of Lesbians at a Party
You might not be the most romantic couple on the block and Valentine’s Day might not be your thing, but it may be a hard time for your single friends, especially those who are newly single. Think about your friends who might feel sad and lonely on this day and invite them over for dinner and game night. Who knows, maybe two of them will connect.

5. Buy Her a Plant

Potted Plant
© Ursula Alter/Getty Images
Instead of flowers, buy her a plant. Plants last longer and as each time she waters and tends to it, she’ll think of you. Or is your girl a foodie? Put together a small indoor herb garden so she’ll have fresh herbs to work with whenever she wants.

6. Hire a photographer or artist.

Lesbians Kissing on a Date
Invite a professional photographer or an artist into your home to do romantic or erotic portraits of you both.

7. Go camping or glamping.

Green Tent
© Kathy Belge
Even if your girl is not real outdoorsy, she will love hanging out in a rented airstream trailer. You can hire a company to find your camping place, drive the airstream out and set it up. All you need to do is provide the romantic atmosphere and food.

8. Go play in the snow.

Heart drawn in the Snow
© Chris Cummings
Rent some snow shoes or cross country skis and head out to the mountains. Or pull out your old toboggan and zip down the hill cuddled up close. When you’re through, find a fresh patch of snow and make snow angels. Nothing says I love you like snow angels. Finish the day off with some hot chocolate or bubbly glass of champagne.

9. Do a romantic scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt
© Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Send her the first clue at work. Each clue builds upon the other. Send her to the place you had your first date, where you first held her hand and where you first kissed. Arrange with shopkeepers to give her her next clue until eventually, she ends up at a romantic spot—a fancy restaurant or at your house.

10. Do art together.

Woman Standing with Hearts & Flowers
© Dani Toth
Buy a watercolor set and paint portraits of one another. Then when you’re done, paint each other’s bodies. Or paint ceramic mugs with hearts and love sayings to give to one another and each morning her coffee will be a reminder of your love.
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