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Cheap Lesbian Dates

Inexpensive Dates for Lesbians and Bisexual Women


Whether you’re just getting to know someone or are in a long-term relationship, dating doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to impress a girl without forking over for expensive meals and champagne. In these trying times, it’s more important than ever to watch your bottom line, but it is equally important to get out (away from the gloom and doom on the news) and hit the town for a fun time. Here are some fun date ideas with lesbian and bisexual women in mind.

1. Go out for coffee.

Coffee Date
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For many of us, our first date was a “get to know you over coffee date.” Why does it have to end there? Going out for coffee is a nice date idea. Pick a familiar/friendly spot, or head across town to a place you’ve never been to. Spend an hour or two visiting, getting to know each other better, or if you’ve been in relationship for a while, talk about your some dreams you have for the future.

2. Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night
© Peter Suneson
Why not combine that coffee with some free or cheap music? Open mic nights at coffee houses and bars are often free. The talent can be surprisingly good. Or terribly bad. But hey, then you’ll have something to laugh about later.

3. Bowling

© Dany Sabadini
Disco bowling is a fun new craze and relatively inexpensive. Plus, you know you won’t be the only lesbians at a bowling alley.

4. Go out for dessert

Chocolate Cake
© Charles Thompson
There are two ways you can do this. Check out a fancy restaurant that is known for having good desserts. After a light meal at home, hit up one of the top restaurants in town and just order off the dessert menu. Desert and coffee will usually cost under $15 per person. Or, you can go even cheaper. My girlfriend is usually a health food nut, but there is one indulgence she loves: Dairy Queen. On a sunny day, it’s always fun to drive to the DQ, get a couple of cones, sit on the hood of the car and pretend we’re teenagers again.

5. Lunch or Happy Hour

© michael lorenzo
Going out to dinner can be quite expensive these days. But a great way to have an incredible meal for less is to go for lunch or happy hour where you can find the same romantic atmosphere and yummy food for less.

6. Book or poetry reading

Books Open to Poetry
I’m a writer, so I’m always interested to see who's coming to town to read at the local bookstores. Attending a reading is a great free date, especially if there is a gay or lesbian writer coming to town. If you really like the book, you can buy a copy and have it signed.

7. Crafty date

© Julia Freeman-Woolpert
Two of my best friends met at a craft night at someone’s house. Find a place where you can make a mosaic, paint a plate or learn to knit together.

8. Go Exploring

Autumn pic of tree
© Debora Brothers
I don’t know about you, but I love to read about places in the paper and go check them out. It could a lilac garden an hour away, or a historic home right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled on the travel section of the newspaper, ask at the town historical society or the chamber of commerce on the web.

9. Art Show or Gallery

Art Gallery
In my town there is a monthly event called “First Thursday” where all the art galleries host openings on the same night. You can get the chance to mingle with other art lovers, meet the artists and often enjoy free wine and cheese. Afterward, you can discuss which pieces appealed to each of you and why.

10. Volunteer

© Carla Peroni
What better way to enjoy yourselves together and feel good at the same time. Volunteer together to visit an elderly GLBT person, build a home with Habitat for Humanity or walk dogs at the animal shelter.
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