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Clean and Sober Date Ideas

Dating for Clean and Sober Lesbians


Clean and sober doesn't mean no fun. Often when we think of first date ideas we think of meeting for a quick drink. If you or your date are clean and sober, there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy yourselves on the first, second or twentieth date. Here are some great ideas for lesbian clean and sober dates

1. Lunch Date

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Meeting for lunch is a great lesbian first date idea and because it takes place in the middle of the day, the pressure to order a drink or cocktail is off. Lunch is a great first date meeting because with you can keep the date short and sweet. Look at it as a first meeting and if you like each other, schedule a longer second date.

2. Minature or Putt Putt Golf

Playing Golf
© Cécile Graat
Sure, you can go for a full game of golf if you want, but the idea of Putt Putt is that anyone with any skill level can play and have a good time. It's inexpensive and if things go well, it will break the ice and the two of you will be laughing by the end of date.

3. Bicycle Ride

Girl on a Bike
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A short or long bike ride is a great way to spend a date. Take the afternoon and go for a ride along country lanes, to the beach or through your favorite park. Or ride your bikes to your favorite lunch or coffee shop and hang out for a while before riding home.

4. Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card
© Christophe Libert
What does your future hold? Can the cards tell you? Find out by taking your date on to a Tarot Card reader.

5. Visit an Art Museum or Gallery

Art Gallery
Looking at art can make you happier, smarter and inspire you. Pick a museum that is big enough to spend at least an hour wandering the exhibits and looking at art. Share with each other your likes and dislikes. If things are going well, stop for some coffee and conversation at the museum coffee shop.

6. Folk Music Show or Open Mic Night

Melissa Etheridge with Guitars
Looking for a place to take your date in the evening that doesn't involve alcohol? Check out your local coffee house scene to see if they have an open mic night or a local singer/songwriter. If you're brave, you might even decide to read a piece of poetry yourself.

7. Go to a Meeting

Rainbow Chairs
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Going to an AA or other 12-step meeting is a fine way to start out or end a date. If one of you is in the program and the other is not, look for an open meeting. Closed meetings are only for people who are in recovery themselves, but open meetings are a good way for you to learn more about recovery, addiction and the 12-step process. Going to a meeting with a girlfriend who is in recovery may spark conversation about her experience and provide a good way for you to get to know one another.

8. Take a Walk in Nature

Vermont Fall Foliage
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Walking in nature is good for your physical and mental health. Share the experience with the person you are dating and the results will be doubled. Bring your dogs along if you have them.

9. Eat at a Food Cart

Food Cart
© Kathy Belge
The food cart craze that took off in Portland, OR is spreading to the rest of the country. The fun thing about food carts is that they usually are cheaper than eating at a restaurant and the quality of food is often just as good. You'll be supporting a small local business and food carts are often in areas of town where you can walk to interesting shops and businesses.

10. Sporting Event

Basketball game
© Kathy Belge
Lesbians love sports, right? So attending a live sporting event is a great date idea that doesn't revolve around drugs and alcohol. Whether your sport is women's basketball, hockey, baseball, softball, tennis or NASCAR, attending a sporting event together is a great date idea.
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