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Lesbian Pulp Fiction by Katherine V. Forrest

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Lesbian Pulp Fiction by Katherine V. Forrest
Cleis Press

The Bottom Line

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950-1965 by Katherine V. Forrest is a great introduction to the amazing world of lesbian pulp fiction.

Publisher: Cleis Press, 2005

415 pp, $18.95

ISBN 1-57344-210-0

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  • A Great Introduction to the World of Lesbian Pulp Fiction
  • Excerpts from Lesbian Pulp Fiction Classics
  • Each novel has a replication of the cover art


  • Edited Stories leave you longing for More
  • Year books were published is not included with excerpt and cover art


  • Includes:

    Tereska Torres • Women’s Barracks

    Vin Packer • Spring Fire

    Anne Herbert • Summer Camp

  • Randy Salem • Chris

    Artemis Smith • The Third Sex

    Valerie Taylor • Return to Lesbos

  • Della Martin • Twilight Girl

    Paula Christian • Edge of Twilight

    Ann Bannon • Beebo Brinker

Guide Review - Lesbian Pulp Fiction by Katherine V. Forrest

As a big fan of Lesbian Pulp Fiction, I devoured Katherine V. Forrest's collection of excerpts from many of the best lesbian pulp fiction novels from the 50s and 60s. Forrest, author of lesbian romance and mystery novels, writes an informative and heartfelt introduction. She describes the day in 1957 when she found Ann Bannon's Odd Girl Out on the drugstore rack. "It opened the door to my soul and told me who I was...Yet no matter how many times I try to write or talk about that day in Detroit, I cannot convey the power of what it was like. You had to be there."

I was not there in 1957, yet I am pulled to the pulp novels of the time for a sense of my place in this world too. For a sense of where my people come from. What they had to go through, the internal and external struggles of living life true to yourself in an era when, even more than today, lesbianism was considered a moral disease.

The books Forrest selected for this collection were mostly written by female authors. Each excerpt includes at least one sex scene. Although these novels were considered throw-aways, many of them are surprisingly well written--some by famous writers under assumed pen names.

This book is a great introduction to the world of lesbian pulp fiction, especially since most of these titles are hard to find. My biggest complaint is that each novel couldn't have been reprinted in its entirety. You get a little taste of each story and are left wondering how things turn out in the end.

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