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Lesbian Domestic Violence Questionnaire

Are you in an abusive relationship?


For women in a relationship with another woman, the question of abuse or domestic violence can be a tricky one. Our society teaches that domestic violence occurs between men and women. But abuse can and does happen in all kinds of relationships, including lesbian, gay and transgender relationships.

Abuse is not only physical. If she hits or kicks you, then you know it is abuse. Domestic violence also includes psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, financial abuse and social abuse.

Is your relationship abusive?

Lesbians, take this domestic violence questionnaire to determine whether your partner is abusive to you.

1. Does your partner threaten to hurt herself or your pets if you leave her?

2. Has she threatened to "out" you to family members or co-workers?

3. Has she kept you from seeing friends or family members?

4. Has she monitored your phone calls or phone bills or read your email or mail?

5. Has she humiliated you in front of friends or colleagues?

6. Has she hit, punched, slapped, bit or kicked you?

7. Has she forced you to have sex when you didn’t want to?

8. Has she broken your things or hurt your pets?

9. Has she threatened you with a weapon?

10. Has she made you have sex with someone you did not want to?

11. Has she followed you to or from work or when you go out?

12. Has she taken your money or threatened to withdraw financial support if you don’t do what she wants?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the victim of domestic violence.

If your think your or someone you love may be the victim of domestic violence, here are some resources specifically for the LGBT Community.

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