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Celebrate being a Single Lesbian During the Holidays


There are a few times of year when being single is harder than other times. Being a single lesbian during the holiday season can be difficult if you don’t make sure to make plans to take care of yourself. Beat the holiday blues. A recent study found that lesbians are more likely to be depressed around the holidays than straight women. The reasons range from not feeling accepted or estrangement from families and children. Here are a few tips for single lesbians during the holidays.
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Here's How:

  1. Make Plans.

    It might be hard to watch all of your couple friends talk about what they’re getting each other for Hanukkah or how they’re going to Cancun for Christmas. So make plans for yourself that will make you happy. If you enjoy the holiday lights, invite a friend and take a drive around town finding the best spots. Cook dinner for friends or join in the neighborhood cookie swap. If you know that a certain day, like Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve is going to be hard to spend alone, think about what you’d like to do with that day and plan ahead.
  2. Volunteer.

    One way to feel better about yourself is to give back to the community. Sponsor a family in need or donate to a local toy drive. Volunteer to serve a meal to the homeless or start your own sock drive and hand them out to people on the streets on Christmas morning.
  3. Exercise.

    Nothing will make you sadder than sitting around, moping and gaining weight during the holidays. Go for a hike or skiing. Take your dog for a run and visit the gym. Staying physically healthy is important for your mental health. Likewise, watch your alcohol and food consumption. Overdoing it on either account will only make you feel worse about yourself.
  4. Remember being single is not a bad thing.

    If you view being single as a negative, that’s the way you’ll feel. Instead, celebrate all the positive things about being a single lesbian. Here are just a few:
    • You can do what you want on the holidays.
    • You don’t have to visit someone else’s family who may or may not accept you.
    • You can save money, not having to buy presents for a partner.
    • Take advantage of being single and plan a trip or something fun for yourself.
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