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Stephanie Schroeder, Lesbian Life Movie Reviewer


Stephanie Schroeder, Lesbian Life Movie Reviewer
Stephanie Schroeder is a freelance writer based in New York City. She is a contributing editor at Curve Magazine and a regular contributor to Shewired.com. You can find some of her writing at www.stephanieschroeder.com Schroeder is also currently working on her memoir, Beautiful Wreck: Sex, Lies & Suicide.

"I remember way back in 1983 when Lianna was the only lesbian film going. For those of you who are too young or do not recollect, Lianna is a film by director John Sayles. It is the story of a married woman who discovers her attraction to women, leaves her marriage for a relationship with an out lesbian college professor, who of course eventually leaves her. The remainder of the film documents the character’s journey to come to terms with her lesbianism. Lianna is a very powerful coming out story that affected me profoundly as a baby dyke and Sayles deft filmmaking made it all quite exciting and very gloomy at the same time. Thank goodness lesbian coming out stories and other films have a come a long way with a more fun and sexy spin.

But, I have to wonder why a male filmmaker made the lesbian film I find most memorable and today really quality lesbian films are few and far between. Is it, because women and lesbians in particular don’t have the money and access to the industry that men do, or are there other factors at work? I’m interested to know your ideas and opinions.

My Film Interests

  • Favorite Lesbian-esque Feature Film: Entre-Nous
  • Favorite Political Lesbian Film: Born In Flames
  • Favorite Lesbian Director: Pratibha Parmar
  • Favorite Lesbian Film Writer/Historian: Jenni Olson
  • Favorite Lesbian Film Writer/Theorist: Martha Gever
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