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Lesbian Movie Review

And Then Came Lola

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And Then Came Lola DVD Cover

And Then Came Lola

© Wolfe
  • Co-Directed by Megan Siler and Ellen Seidler
  • Wolfe Video
  • 2010
  • 71 Minutes
  • English/Close Captioned

Run, Lola, Run

When everything coincidentally conspires to ruin Lola’s love life, misadventure, dyke drama and both comedic and dramatic situations ensure.

While newcomer Ashleigh Summer as Lola is a real cutie and a solid actor, the coincidences Lola rushes through are just too staged, the clichés get bigger along her route and the cut-away photoflashes are just plain annoying.

The plot, such as it is, is loosely based on the 1999 German film "Run Lola Run." Lola has three chances to come through with some photos for her girlfriend to seal a business deal. This scenario is repeated three times with minor variations, all of which lead to different endings.

The music rocks, but the animation is distracting and San Francisco is picaresque if forced. Annmarie Cullen and Cynthia Catania, both out lesbians, make up the band Saucy Monky along with Steve Giles and Megan Jane. Saucy Monky is a big part of the reason the film's soundtrack is so damn good. The tracks are hot, pulsating rock that fit seamlessly with the fast-paced action of the movie.

Jill Bennett co-stars as Casey, Lola’s current lover who is also brushing up against the dark and very European Danielle (Bennett’s real life partner, Cathy DeBuono) a client with whom she apparently has a past.

Bennett is all cute feminine business while Summer is a sexy lackadaisical, non-committal tomboy. But, Lola is so unreliable, irresponsible and has so many issues I wouldn’t want her to be my friend, let alone girlfriend.

Lesbian Sex

And Then Came Lola Kiss

And Then Came Lola Kiss

© Wolfe
If you’re into Victoria’s Secret bras and panties, girl boxers and tight tanks tops, tattoos, or sex toys, there’s something for you in this film. And, the hot, semi-hardcore sex scenes actually portrays real lesbian sex! However Summer and Bennett have no onscreen chemistry whatsoever, making “hot” extremely relative.

Lesbian Silly

Every single woman in the film is a lesbian it seems and while the backdrop indeed appears to be a reasonable facsimile of the San Francisco dyke scene, the multitude of lesbian stereotypes are unjustifiable

Not So Great

My Rating: 2 stars. Great soundtrack, real lesbian sex, but all the girls look quite similar (i.e. conventional) and the storyline is not very compelling.
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 4 out of 5
And Then Came Lola - fun for a change, Member duskycat

Different and light, and some hot women. Lola is hot, hot, hot, and so cute. Not much plot, lots of amusing and possibly offensive sterotypes. Nice to see happy ending to a fun, flakey flick. Overall, it was a quirky enjoyable movie. I will be watching it again. Don't know why such harsh criticism. Love the soundtrack.

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