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Elena Undone

Elena Undone

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Elena Undone Kiss on Bridge

Elnea Undone Kiss on Bridge

© Wolfe Video
  • Directed by Nicole Conn
  • Wolfe Video
  • 2010
  • 112 Minutes

Spoiler Alert!

This review gives away parts of the plot, including the ending, so don't read on if you don't want to know how the movie ends.

An Unlikely Pairing

Meeting at such an unlikely place as a parenting class, well-known writer Peyton (Traci Dimwiddle) and wife and mother Elena (Necar Zedegan) hit it off and start hanging out together.

Needless to say, one thing leads to another, hanging out leads to being together, which leads to, well, an affair, since one of the women is married. Unsure about a relationship with another woman, Elena keeps retreating and then coming back for more. The soft-focus scenes between Peyton and Elena are romantic, sexy, and fraught.

Dimwiddle and Zedagan have an on-screen chemistry many actors in lesbian flicks lack and it’s a pleasure to watch them in each others’ arms in a very long prelude to the longest lesbian screen kiss (3:24) in herstory. And, it’s hot!


Elena Undone Embrace

Traci Dimwiddle and Necar Zedegan in Elena Undone

© Wolfe Video
When Elena’s son finds out about her affair with Peyton, Elena comes undone. With a lot of discussion, heaving, sighing and dripping nose- and hyperventilating-type crying, Peyton breaks off their relationship.

Oh, but Elena still leaves her pious pastor husband, the weasely Barry and tries to contact Peyton, who ignores her phone calls. Cut to a year later when the two women meet again, coincidentally, in the park.

Cut to the Chase

Peyton and Elena reunite and, with an extended family of friends, live happily ever after.

Elena Undone is Worthwhile

Elana Undone in White

Elena Undone

© Wolfe Video
My Rating: 4 stars. A fun romantic dramady with too many jump cuts and annoying, interruptive narration/commentary, Elena Undone is actually pretty well done—aside from the trite ending. Utilizing music from lesbian artists such as CORDAY, Rachel Sage, God-Des & She, Melissa Ferrick and Jen Foster, you’ve gotta give credit to Nicole Conn, who 20+ years after Claire of the Moon, has come up with something watchable.
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