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Finn's Girl - Lesbian Movie Review Finn's Girl

Finn’s Girl

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Finns Girl Cover Art

Finns Girl Cover Art

© Wolfe Video
  • Directed by Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert
  • Wolfe Video LLC
  • 2008
  • 88 Minutes

Mother-Daughter Mayhem

Parenting a teenage daughter can be hell, especially if you are a single parent, widowed, attempting to re-enter the singles scene. And imagine adding to that a busy medical practice, one that daily challenges your heart and mind. Dr. Finn Jeffries struggles with these tensions and how best to raise her daughter, Zelly.

Family-Work Balance

Dr. Finn from Finn's Girl

Dr. Finn from Finn's Girl

© Wolfe Video
Dr. Finn spends her days running an abortion clinic—the one founded by her late partner, Nancy. The work is intense, relentless and dangerous. It spreads thin her emotions and attentions, including the care of Zelly. A bit of a latchkey kid, Zelly longs for the mother she lost as well as the one who remains, but who is woefully out of touch.

Two Eggs Are Better Than One?

Testing the limits of adolescence and grief, Zelly questions’ Finn’s role in her life, claims that Finn isn’t her real mother, couldn’t be, given that Nancy was the biological connection. Finn must reveal and unburden the secrets surrounding Zelly’s true identity—it’s quite a surprising plot twist!

Lesbian Life Rating

Finn's Daughter Zelly

Finn's Daughter Zelly with Friends

© Wolfe Video
My Rating: 3 ½ stars. The layers and levels of drama in this film can at times feel exhausting and somewhat over the top. Isn’t life as a lesbian dramatic enough? The story line does provide redemption as well as moments of real passion and lust.

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