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Girl/Girl Scene Review

Girl/Girl Scene

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Girl/Girl Scene

Girl/Girl Scene

ILDK Media
I watched the first eight episodes of the nascent lesbian dramatic web series that has elsewhere been called the new L Word “…filled with sex, drama and intrigue, but it is not as glamorized.”

Having watched very few (like maybe three or four) episodes of The L Word because of the ridiculous portrayal of lesbian lives for the consumption for of a straight audience, I don’t have much of a clue what being the “new” L Word might look like for Girl/Girl Scene. I do know The L Word had high production values and prestigious Hollywood talent and money backing the Showtime series.

Tucky Williams, creator, writer and executive producer (as well as the star) of Girl/Girl Scene, clearly is not loaded with dough. The series is gritty, and more realistic (although somewhat stilted, which I think will recede as the series progresses), than I think The L Word ever was (and stopped pretending to be in the end – realistic, that is).

Lies, Secrets & Silences

Williams is a tall, lanky and perky androgynous blonde. Her character (Evan) is a lover and seducer of women and has many secrets. Williams has assembled a complementary ensemble of actors, all portraying characters with their own agendas, secrets, hopes and dreams. The series is grounded in reality, the total randomness of lesbian existence on a daily basis, sometime joyful, sometimes brutal and everything in between.

Season one of Girl/Girl Scene is still in production. As of this writing, Episode1 07 had just been completed. It’s very interesting watching a series that includes very different types of lesbians and other characters (including a transgender character). However, as usual, there is no variety in terms of sizes and shapes, a real disappointment, but not at all surprising. There seems to be some ethnic diversity, but I am just guessing here based on looks alone.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Tucky Williams

Tucky Williams

ILDK Media
There are sad scenes, sexy & sizzling scenes, joyful scenes, dramatic scenes, and so much more of a range of lesbian experience on Girl/Girl Scene than many other lesbian drama series, on the Web or elsewhere. And, with music by all-female indie bands such as Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah, Scream Club and Vanity Theft and others, the soundtrack is a goldmine to the series.

Williams’ has a good storyline, an excellent cast and a definite route to success for Girl/Girl Scene if only she can survive financially in the cutthroat world of web content development and production. Check it out for yourself.

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