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Girl Seeks Girl - Lesbian Movie Review

Girl Seeks Girl

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Girl Seeks Girl Movie

Girl Seeks Girl Movie

© Wolfe
  • Directed by Sonia Sebastian
  • Wolfe Video
  • 2009
  • 92 Minutes
  • Spanish with English subtitles

Lesbian Novella

Billed as the L-Word meets Almodovar, this entertaining flick has all the melodrama of a daytime soap with all the dyke drama of a nighttime lesbian TV show.

Ten spicy nine-minute episodes move quickly to introduce a multitude of characters whose names really don’t matter as we follow Nines, a lesbian lothario who works as a bartender at Chica Busca Chica, the local lesbian hotspot in Madrid.

Nines beds Monica, the resident psycho who, after one passionate night together thinks she’s found her perfect woman and a real relationship. Meanwhile over breakfast coffee with Monica’s roommate, Nines looks into her eyes and uses her signature come on, “You’ve got something…” and flirtatiously bushes her fingers against the other woman’s cheek as if to flick away a stray eyelash.

Keep it Moving

Spanish TV star Celia Freijeiro plays Nines, a sensual and sultry tomboyish femme whose tight tank tops and low-waist jeans catch every gal’s fancy, from jilted lover Rossi who she dumped with a Dear Jane note on a post-it to straight-but-curious Carmen and every customer at Chica Busca Chica.

Sexy and Shallow

While this fast-paced and atmospheric film is fun and sexy, it’s no Almodovar. Beautiful women yes, naive women (and men) yes. But, all the scantily clad (thin) female bodies and silly situations make it more L-Word parody than award-winning drama.

Worthwhile Lesbian Movie

My Rating: 3 stars. Certainly check out this film for a campy romp through the Spanish lesbian scene. But, don’t expect anything more than hot women, bad jump cuts and elliptical dialogue in this fun, casual frolic of a film.
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