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The Gymnast - Lesbian Movie - The Gymnast

The Gymnast

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The Gymnast 1

The Gymnast

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  • Directed by Ned Farr
  • 2006
  • 98 Minutes

Lesbian Cirque Du Soleil

The Gymnast is a visual feast and a good story. Jane, in an award-winning performance by Dreya Weber, heals her past and discovers her sexual identity at 43 through developing and performing a Cirque Du Soleil-type aerial act with stunning Serena (Dancer Addie Yungmee).

Strong on acting light on cliché

The Gymnast Splits

The Gymnast Splits

© Wolfe Video
It's no wonder this film has won multiple awards on the festival circuit. Dreya Weber and Addie Yungmee give strong, believable performances, and the typical coming-out story clichés are not to be found. Jane previously never questioned her sexual orientation, until she finds herself attracted to the beautiful and scrappy Serena. The messiness and complexity of Jane's awakening is realistically portrayed. Serena is not without conflict herself, and with Jane's encouragement, she finally finds the courage to come out to her aging parents.

To the gym!

After watching this movie I wanted to learn how to climb luxurious folds of silk, but I went to the gym instead. Whether we are watching Jane run the streets of LA in hopes that she can turn back her biological clock, or the two women joyously defy gravity, this film celebrates the strength and grace of the female form.

Four Stars - add to your collection

I am a film fanatic, one of those people who must analyze a picture after viewing, and I found the choice to use slow-mo during the final performance to be irritating, it felt gratuitous to me and took me out the story. Despite that and a couple weak lines in the otherwise tight script, this film's a keeper. Watch the Gymnast during the dark winter months, and then after the credits finish rolling, go out dancing with your peeps and revel in your body.

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