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I Can't Think Straight - Lesbian Movie Review

I Can’t Think Straight


I Can't Think Straight Movie

I Can't Think Straight

© Enlightenment Productions
  • Directed by Shamim Sarif
  • Enlightenment Films
  • 2008
  • English

Cross-cultural Mess

“Just another British, Indian, Muslin, Arab, Christian, lesbian Romantic Comedy” is the tagline for this jumbled film that can’t decide whether it wants to provide political commentary, social criticism or portray lesbian love.

Moving to and from Jordan to London and following two women preparing for their weddings—or is it a baker’s dozen of would-be brides? So many characters are introduced so quickly this reviewer could not ascertain the main character’s names until halfway through the flick. And, the women all looked alike: uber-skinny, long haired brunettes with legs for miles.

I Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face

Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth in I Can't Think Straight

Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth in I Can't Think Straight

© Enlightenment Productions
The not-so-subtle attempt on to put the story in context was like using a sledgehammer for a finishing nail. Londoner Leyla is a supposedly tomboyish gal (she wears a baseball cap and jeans) who is writing a novel while working in her family’s insurance business. Tala is a Jordanian heartbreaker with four aborted weddings, who left the family business to fly solo.


Tala and Leyla meet through an extended family gathering I did not understand and become fast friends. Cut to hand-holding, gentle touching and finally soft focus, slow-motion sex. Voila, the two are in LOVE. Angst, intrigue and coming out ensue.

I Don't Know What to Make of This Film

Embracing in I Can't Think Straight© Enlightenment Productions
My Rating: Decidedly undecided. Yay for a happy ending—the girl gets the girl. Yay, again, for closing the movie with Jill Souble’s “I Kissed a Girl.” Nay for the “After School Special” look and feel. Nay, again, for all the unclear people, places and misplaced dinner conversation about suicide bombers.
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