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Loving Annabelle

Loving Annabelle - Forbidden Lesbian Love Story

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Loving Annabelle 2

Diane Gaidry (Simone)& Erin Kelly (Annabelle)

  • 2006
  • English Language
  • 79 Minutes
  • Katherine Brooks(Writer/Director)
  • Starring: Diane Gaidry (Simone)and Erin Kelly (Annabelle)

Don’t Believe the Hype

Annabelle is a very bad girl and she has the tight kilt, killer tube socks, and streaked hair to prove it. My how she can drag a smoke. Misunderstood by the world, she seeks solace and a few other things in her older teacher Simone. Poor Simone! Repressed, closeted, in a boring and passionless relationship with a clueless guy, Simone is in dire need of therapy…instead she hangs with Annabelle.

Lesbians and Catholic School?

Loving Annabelle

Erin Kelly (Annabelle) & Diane Gaidry (Simone)

Raise your hands. How many of you went to Catholic school? So the statistics are true! The film takes place at – you guessed it – a Catholic school, where Annabelle’s mother, a prominent Senator, ships her in a last attempt to cure her wild ways. It is the school Simone attended as a young student, where she fell madly in love with her roommate, got caught, and returned out of guilt and a promise to her aunt who witnessed them. Perhaps, Simone wanted to ensure that other, young, impressionable girls wouldn’t follow in her footsteps? Nah! It was the guilt - those Catholics, I tell you.

Teacher/Student No Nos

Some may call this forbidden love, others, sex with a minor. You decide. As a new parent and a former teacher, I conservatively lean towards the latter – call me a red state girl. My head screams, “Boundary issue, boundary issue!” Don’t lesbians have enough issues with boundaries or so my therapist and ex-girlfriends might argue?

Lesbian Fantasies? Your Homework

Ok, girls. It’s time for some new lesbian fantasies. The teacher/schoolgirl kilt thing is getting pretty old. This film had me practically yawning at the DVD cover – “One Student. One Teacher. One Secret.” Hmmm, I wonder what this film will be about? Your assignment – dare to make it new! No more forbidden love. No more lesbians rolling around in chocolate. No more lesbian triangles/rectangles/hexagonals. No more Ann Heche. Let’s get creative and wondrous and sinful and delicious and reflective about the movies we desire to make and see. Action!

My Rating: 2 stars – There is some degree of heat. Just some.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
A woman's love is a priceless enlightenment!, Member Pinecloud

I was heart-broken to see the sudden tragic and apathetic ending. Since the biginning of civilisation philosophers, pcychologists, many scholars and like had debated against the superiority of love that a woman can offer to all of man kinds (to both men and to women) .I personally view that of women are definitely superior to the others. Since the majority of us do not experience temporary loss of vision or complete loss of consciousness due to deep sedation for major surgery such as open heart or open skull procedures. Using artificial Heart and lung machine, often the heart is removed outside the sternum whilst surgeon can work on. Such a procedures can cause tremendous trauma to your psyche. It is not unusual for patient and nurse to develope an almost like loving attachment to each other from the moment the nurse transfers you from a rolling bed to a recovery bed, then calling your name and caressing you as if rescuring you from desolated realm of unconscious. If you compare it with the same task performed by male surgical assistants at operating room ,you will be impressed with the fact that a woman's love is a priceless enlightenment. It is highly likely that someone like Simone already had learnt the enlightenment. Every female child has dreams of being swept up into a great adventure, of being the beautiful princess. Lamentably, when women grow up, they are often swept up into a life filled merely with demands, duty and responsibility. Many women are tired, struggling under the senseless pressure to be of a faithful servant, or a caregiver for childrens, husband or father and like. I have known an award winning blind female writer back in Japan and her nurse compenion who helped her publishing her novels until the end of writer's life age 72. The nurse died next summer found afloat on River Kamo during Gion Festival (Buddhist Spiritual season) leaving a will to be burried next to the writer. In fact I have seen them twice together on the bridge across a pond within the property of an ancient Buddhist temple in 1970's. Nurse were eyes to the writer and describing everything that the nurse can see. The both women looked very beautiful radiating the glory of love between them. They both were descendant of ancient noble families go back to 11th century and their presence seemed to enhance the tranquility of the mid-automn setting. I could not help but wishing their happy union forever from the moment I saw the stength and intensity of woman's love. It has forever changed my attitude about woman's love. So let's give the two two women a break, and let them pursue their happiness! Julien Kujo a.k.a., Pinecloud, Palo Alto, CA., USA

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