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My Mother Likes Women: Lesbian Movie Review

My Mother Likes Women

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My Mother Likes Women: Lesbian Movie Review
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My Mother Likes Women (“A Mi Madre Le Gustan Las Mujeres”)
  • Directed by Ines Peres and Daniela Fejerman
  • 93 Minutes
  • Spanish with English subtitles


  • Rosa Maria Sarda, as the Mother
  • Eliska Sirova, as Eliska (Czech piano player)
  • Maria Pujalte, as Jimena (Oldest sister)
  • Leonor Watling, as Elvira (Middle sister)
  • Silvia Abascal, as Sol (Youngest sister)
  • Wish My Family Were like This!

    The tagline for My Mother Likes Women reads “Family just isn’t what it used to be!” Amen. Let’s just say I wish I had a family like this. Why doesn’t my mother like women!? And if only I had a sister like Elvira, played by Leonor Watling (from Pedro Almodóvar’s Talk to Her), well, um, oh my…

    Lesbian Romantic Comedy

    Wolfe Video
    Ok, fantasies aside, My Mother Likes Women is a fun lesbian romantic comedy worthy of a rental and a second or third viewing. The story focuses on the struggle of three sisters as they navigate the news that their mother is gay and in love with a young Czech pianist named Eliska. The sisters concoct a crazy plan to woo Eliska away from their mother-- because their mother couldn’t possibly like women. At her age! This plan entails a hot interaction between Elvira and Eliska—sparks fly, leaving me pining for a second version of this film called My Sister Likes Women…One can only dream…(Hey! Ines and Daniela! Let me know if you want to collaborate.)

    Hilarious and Wacky

    There are several hilarious scenes and wacky escapades. At the end, every one is happy, gay or gay-friendly, and evolved. I wish my own coming out had gone as well.

    Something for Every Lesbian

    Wolfe Video
    The film has everything a lesbian could need: exotic accents and locales, references to Sappho, comedic highs, dramatic lows, a few outrageously exaggerated stereotypes, scenes in a lesbian bar, sexy butches and lovely Spanish femmes. See it with your sweetie, today!
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