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My Summer of Love: Lesbian Life Movie Review

An erotic Coming of Age Movie

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


My Summer of Love: Lesbian Life Movie Review

Emily Blunt

The DVD is worth renting just for a glimpse of Emily Blunt’s blue eyes and gorgeous lips as well as her recitation of Nietzsche and seductive stories about Edith Piaf and the singer’s crimes of passion.

The Filming

The filming is interesting and there are several beautifully sensual scenes. I did wonder if the director was an older man—there was a hint of the older man fantasy about what two younger women do together, how they act and behave with one another. One highlight of the film was that there wasn’t a great deal of drama about the lesbian sex scenes. The actresses seemed quite comfortable. It wasn’t the “Oh my goodness. The girls are about to have sex now. Drama drama drama. Buildup buildup buildup.” The scenes were seamless and genuinely connected to the story line.

My Rating

I give it 3 and half stars. Go see it, if only to escape and be a fantasist for a little while.
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