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When Night is Falling: Lesbian Romantic Comedy

When Night is Falling

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When Night is Falling: Lesbian Romantic Comedy
  • Directed by Patricia Rozema
  • 1995
  • 95 Minutes
  • A Crucial Pictures, Inc. Production

Lesbians & the Circus

I have never wanted to join the circus more than after watching When Night Is Falling. I seriously contemplate putting an acrobatic swing in my basement just so my wife and I can practice lesbian circus acts!

Mesmerizing & Stunning

Friday nights are movie nights in our household and this past Friday we decided to rent When Night Is Falling. It has been at least 5 years since I last saw the film and it is as mesmerizing, as visually stunning and seductive as the first viewing.

Lesbian Laundry Night

The story focuses on Camille, a repressed mythology professor teaching at a conservative Christian college, and Petra, a wandering performance artist in search of love and local connection. The two meet at a laundromat when Petra’s circus is in town and “by accident” they switch laundry piles. (I tried that once and was met with, “Hey you crazy dyke! Give me my ******* laundry back!”) Let’s just say, in this instance, the laundry “switcheroo” works really well.

Beautiful Lesbians

The actresses, Rachael Crawford and Pascale Bussieres, are breathtakingly beautiful and their chemistry is quite potent. My wife and I are former New Yorkers who love to talk back at the screen. The sex scenes and sensual entwining absolutely silenced us.

When Night Is Falling is a timeless lesbian classic. I rate it 5 stars! Go see it, again and again.

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