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Nina's Heavenly Delights

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Nina and Lisa

Nina and Lisa

Regent Releasing

Sucker for Romance

If you have read any of the Lesbian Life movie reviews—and many thanks if you have—you will know that I am a sucker for romance and romantic possibility. That said I quite enjoyed this film.

The story centers on Nina, who has returned home to Glasgow after her father’s sudden death. There is much for Nina to reconcile upon her return. She left rather abruptly, fleeing to London to escape marriage to a man she didn’t love. A cherished daughter, she was trained to follow in her father’s footsteps, to assume the role of lead chef at the family’s restaurant The New Taj. Nina learns that her father gambled the restaurant to pay off increasing debts and lost, forcing him to sell half the restaurant to Lisa. Nina must confront the most mesmerizing Lisa and convince her to take a risk on getting the restaurant and her life back on track.

Secrets, Secrets Everywhere

Kary Shah, Auntie Tumi Nina Shah, Suman Shah, Lisa Mackinlay, Auntie Mamie, Priya Shah

Regent Releasing
What lengths will you go to for passion and love? What will you realize and/or deny? Nina discovers that her father, before his death, had entered the restaurant into The Best of the West Curry competition. It was his dream to capture the title a third time—a dream he had shared long ago with Nina, one she decides to fulfill with the help of her family and Lisa. While preparing for the competition, amidst the savory curries and sensual recipes, she uncovers layer upon layer of familial secrets, desires lost and found, as well as a deeper understanding of her own heart.

My New Crush

Um, hello Shelly Conn, the gorgeous actress playing Nina! Can I be that fine leather jacket you’re wearing? The camera is clearly your friend and, excuse me, but where have you been?! Let’s hope (and pray) that we will see you in countless lesbian films to come.


Nina Shah & Lisa Mackinlay

Nina Shah & Lisa Mackinlay

Regent Releasing
I am a huge fan of movies that force you to dial 1-800-Take-Out and that provide tremendous role-playing opportunities. This is no exception. If you are so inclined, you can download recipes from the film’s official Web site.

Careful girls—don’t burn yourselves!

My Rating: 3 1/2 stars

My only critiques are that the film is a wee bit slow and rather stereotypical and clichéd. Bobbi the best friend Bollywood drag queen? Been there. It also could have delved more deeply into lesbian sex—truly the most heavenly delight—to illustrate further the “chemistry” between characters.
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