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Producing Adults

A Lesbian Romantic Comedy/Drama

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Producing Adults
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A sweet love story. A tale of a woman longing for a child. Producing Adults is a beautiful movie, complex and multi-layered. Venla wants desperately to have a baby. Her speed skater fiancé desperately does not. Venla is reminded daily of her longings as counselor in a fertility clinic. She spends her days helping couples deal with the frustrations of infertility and her nights dealing with her own fertility frustrations.

Venla wants a baby--her boyfriend does not

Venla’s longtime boyfriend Antero is convinced that this time he will make the Olympic team. Although he loves Venla, a baby is not in his plans.

Venla talks Antero into attempting to have a baby, but Antero is unable to be honest with his bride-to-be. It seems he will do anything to keep them from having a child.

Venla meets Satu

Venla seeks comfort from cute bisexual doctor in her clinic, Satu who is having man troubles of her own. Soon the sparks fly and each woman is faced with a tough decision to make.

Producing Adults

Producing Adults is a fine film, with plenty of humor to accompany the drama, good acting and an engaging storyline.

Finnish with English Subtitles.

  • Directed by Aleksi Salmenpera
  • Minna Haapkyla as Venla
  • Kari-Pakka Toivonen as Antero
  • Minttu Mustakallio as Satu
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