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Robin's Hood: A Lesbian Tale

Robin's Hood

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Robin's Hood: A Lesbian Tale
© Wolfe Video
  • Directed by Sara Millman
  • 2006
  • 81 Minutes
  • English and French with English Subtitles
  • Available on DVD from Wolfe Video
  • Lesbian Revisionism

    Ok. Who doesn’t like a good Robin Hood story? Steal from the rich to give to the poor? (What would that mean for the Bush administration? Quite a reversal from their steal from the poor to give to the rich. Politics aside…) And how can you resist a lesbian version of the myth? The role playing possibilities alone are outstanding!

    Does Crime Really Pay?

    © Wolfe Video
    Robin (Khathee Turner) is a social worker in Oakland, California. She is driven by her idealism and desire to help the people in her neighborhood, including individuals driven into drugs and crime by oppression, poverty, and institutionalized racism. When Robin meets Brooklyn (Clody Cates), a seductive and relentless charmer, who also happens to be French and a thief (a triple threat for sure), she is drawn into Brooklyn’s life of crime. Robin begins to steal with her as an accomplice, hoping to give back the stolen riches to her community. To what will their passionate affair lead? Will crime really pay?

    Gritty Cinema

    Filmed in a gritty, MTV-esque, “in-the-streets” style, Robin’s Hood features the work of cinematographer Howard Shack, known for the documentary Scout’s Honor and professional pieces for Frontline, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. His scenes highlight the frustration Robin feels, her helplessness and that of the clients with whom she works. Is it no wonder she escapes into Brooklyn’s world and fantasy?

    3 Stars

    © Wolfe Video
    I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. The girls are beautiful and their steamy heat is palpable. Note that there are a number of hot and spicy sex scenes. However, the story line left a little to be desired, lacking in tremendous originality. Rent it with your sweetie, knowing you can always fast forward to the good parts!

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