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Secret Things: Lesbian Movie Review

Secret Things

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Secret Things: Lesbian Movie Review

Directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau

112 Minutes

French with English subtitles

Available on DVD

Semi-Erotic Lesbian French Soft Porn

If you like sick and twisted semi-erotic French soft porn, Secret Things is the film for you! Based on the above criteria, I would rate it 5 stars! Let’s just say I had to take a shower after seeing this film. I felt so, um, dirty.

It's all about Power and Manipulation

Secret Things tells the story of young Sandrine’s “educational” journey from innocence to wisdom under the cunning tutelage of Nathalie. Nathalie wants to teach Sandrine all that she knows about life, love, and men. I also would add about power, about manipulation, and about masturbation—of self, of others, and while being watched. Note that they are “not lesbians, nor into women,” but they do enjoy playing with each other’s mind and body.

Seduction and Power

The girls hatch an elaborate and dangerous plan to work their way up the corporate ladder by seducing the men/CEOs at the top—men who have worked too hard, who have sacrificed too much to get where they are, men who are in desperate need of the many fantasies and pleasures Sandrine and Nathalie offer.

My rating of Secret Things

Secret Things is a wild and toxic ride, definitely not for the faint hearted (nor those on a first date). Rent it at your own risk and know that you have been warned.

My rating: 5 stars for the sick and twisted. 1 star for the rest of us.

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