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She Likes Girls - Lesbian Short Films

She Likes Girls: “6 Romantic & Sexy Lesbian Short Films”

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She Likes Girls Cover Art

She Likes Girls Cover Art

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I Love This Gig

I love my role as a Lesbian Life Movie Reviewer. The job is anything but boring. Sapphic filmmakers keep me guessing and I have to tell you, there’s almost always something to laugh at, I mean, critique (meow meow hiss hiss).

Film Responses

There are films that “have me at hello,” completely enthralled by the sex, um, story line. (When Night Is Falling – now that’s what I’m talking about.) There are films at which I throw my lightly salted popcorn and scream pc-only obscenities. (For the record, the 80s are officially over and lesbian horror flicks are not hot.) Lastly, there are films that move me beyond tears. (Anyone seen D.E.B.S.? Frankly, I find Jordana Brewster to be quite profound. And those kilts…)

High Five Recommendations

Sarang Song short lesbian film

Sarang Song

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She Likes Girls, a collection of lesbian shorts, provokes a range of adjectives, but, on the whole, I found the films enjoyable and interesting to watch. Definitely worthy of a drizzly Wednesday night or as an antidote to Sixty Minutes II. Of the six, I highly recommend the following:

1) The Piper
Directed by Abbe Robinson (10 min., UK). Remember the story of the Pied Piper? Envision a modern day lesbian version, a mythic character that not only is cute, but also rids your house of cockroaches as well as other vermin, and comes when you call. Where was she when I lived in the East Village?

2) Sarong Song
Directed by Tamika Miller (23 min., USA). The setting is Los Angeles, 1972. Racial tensions erupt on a college campus. A sexy lesbian Black Power activist has to choose between her love life and her mission for equality. Sarong Song beautifully details this powerful struggle.

3) Cosa Bella
Directed by Fiona Mackenzie (15 min., USA). Raise your hand if you have slept with, wanted to sleep with, considered sleeping with your best friend/college roommate. I feel your pain. I had nine roommates. All I can say about this film is Hot, Hot, Hot, with a happy ending. Fiona, I like the way you think. Keep making films, girl. We need you. The short stars the sensational Stephanie Szostak and the utterly alluring Alexie Gilmore (both of whom appeared in The Devil Wears Prada). Watching the two of them sizzle the screen is more than worth the cost of this DVD. Rewind, replay, rewind, replay. Can I just tell you how much I love my job?!

Reviewer’s Warning

Don’t watch The Uninvited, directed by Louise Runge (12 min., USA). I think we’ve all had enough of lesbian stalker films with no real plot or ending.
Cosa Bella Lesbian Short Film

Cosa Bella

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