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The Journey: An Indian Love Story

The Journey (Sancharram)

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The Journey: An Indian Love Story
  • Written, Produced and Directed by Ligy J. Pullappally
  • Malayalam with English subtitles
  • 107 Minutes, 2006
  • Wolfe Video,
  • “In a Land Steeped in Tradition…a Secret Love.”

    The Journey depicts the story of Kiran and Delilah, young Indian women who grow up together in a small rural village and eventually fall in love. Kiran, who is rather shy and reserved, has always been drawn to her more gregarious friend, Delilah, the most popular girl in school. When Rajan, a neighbor, approaches Kiran to ask for help in wooing Delilah, by writing love letters on his behalf, she tentatively agrees. One afternoon, while studying with Kiran, Delilah mentions the letters and reads her favorite aloud. “My dearest, I know not what love is, but perhaps I will know it tomorrow or another day. Until that day, I will worship you from the valleys of anonymity. I see love awaiting me like a ripe thundercloud caught in the far horizon of my life’s journey. Like a cold, dark night, love must one day wed our skies. You and I, like fireflies, will soar into that darkening sky. My dearest, may your wings be bourne by strength.” Delilah notices that Kiran knows the words, can repeat them by heart. Their mutual attraction is realized and ignited.

    Heart Versus Mind

    When Delilah’s mother discovers their relationship, she forces Delilah into an arranged marriage, in order to mollify the scandal and preserve the family name. Delilah suggests to Kiran that a solution is for each to get married to men, and then continue to see each other when and where possible. Kiran says that she cannot do that. She cannot live a lie or a hollow life, possibly causing great harm to another. Will their paths ever cross again? Where will their journeys take them? Where will their journeys end?

    Essential Questions

    When will lesbian love stories have no other alternative but a happy ending? At what point in time will queer love no longer need to be secret? When will love truly transcend country and culture? Rigid definitions of identity, sex and sexuality? The story poses timeless tensions of heart versus mind, heart versus context—when will the context change, globally, universally to afford love that is not secret, that dares to speak and celebrate its name!

    Visual Poetry

    The Journey is a long visual poem. Steeped in metaphor. Slow and dreamy. Just stunning. You may lose yourself in the mesmerizing sensuality.

    My Rating: 4 ½ stars Buy or rent The Journey! A brilliant, provocative film as well as the perfect Valentine and addition to your collection!

    User Reviews

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     5 out of 5
    , Member MissBriggie

    Wonderful movie..the beginning was a bit slow but once you get past that was good. :))

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