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Lesbians and bisexuals in Music

Who are the lesbians and bisexuals in rock, folk and pop music? Find out here!

Kiyomi McCloskey - Lead Singer Of Hunter Valentine
Kiyomi McCloskey, lead singer of girl group Hunter Valentine speaks to Lesbian Life.

Country Music Star Chely Wright
Country music star Chely Wright has come out of the closet as a lesbian.

Lesbian Life Interviews Kia Hamm
R&B musician Kia Hamm talks to Lesbian Life.

Lesbian Cabaret Singer and Outmusic Winner
An interview with out lesbian cabaret performer Terese Genecco.

Lesbian Life Interview with Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge Interview April 2010

Billie Myers Interview
Billie Myers spoke to Lesbian Life about her struggles with depression, her newest album and why she is a fearless advocate for LGBT equal rights.

Out Music Awards 2009
Out Music Awards 2009

Interview with Michelle Malone
Michelle Malone has been rocking audiences for more than two decades. She took the time to talk to Lesbian Life about her latest record, her Grammy nomination and what it's like to be out in the music business.

Interview with Indigo Girls Amy Ray - Amy Ray Interview
Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls sat down to talk with Lesbian Life about her new album, the joys and tribulations of touring, how the trans community has influenced her and her relationship with fellow Indigo Girl Emily Saliers.

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels
Lesbian couple Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels are role models for the gay and lesbian community. The happy couple are "married" and raising children together in California. Here you will learn more about Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels: How they met, their marriage, children and so on.

Lucas Silveira Interview - Interview with Lucas Silveira of The Cliks
Lucas Silveira is the transgender leader singer of the Toronto band, The Cliks. Lesbian Life interviewed Lucas Silveira right after the True Colors Tour with Cyndi Lauper and Margaret Cho.

Lucinda Williams Interview - Lucinda Williams Talks Gay Rights
Lucinda Williams has lots of lesbians fans. Here's an interview with Lucinda Williams where she talks about gay marriage, her gay fans and her newest album West.

Interview with Bitch
I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with lesbian electric folk musician Bitch about her new album Make This Break this, her relationship with Daniela Sea and the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

Interview with Doria Roberts
Doria Roberts came out, even when she knew it could have a negative impact on her career. Doria Roberts is a loud and proud lesbian folk singer. Here's my interview with Doria Roberts

Nelly Furtado Bisexual Singer
Canadian singer Nelly Furtado came out as bisexual. She is one of a growing number of out bisexual celebrities.

Alix Dobkin: Lesbian Musician and Feminist Icon
Alix Dobkin is a lesbian legend. Her groundbreaking 1973 album, "Lavender Jane Loves Women" was the most out lesbian album of its time and paved the way for a whole genre of out lesbian musicians.

Interview with God-Des of God-Des & She
Lesbian rap star God-dess took a few moments to talk to Lesbian Life about her music, appearances on Logo and The L Word.

Danielle Egnew
I don't think anyone can be more talented than Danielle Egnew. She's a a singer/songwriter from the band Pope Jane, actress, screen writer and psychic. And to top it off, she's an out and proud lesbian.

30 Top Lesbian/Bisexual Musicians of All Time
These are my top picks for the 30 best lesbian and bisexual musicians of all time. They inlcude lesbian and bisexual bands, singers, folk groups and blues musicians.

Melissa Etheridge Cancer Update
Melissa Etheridge has battled breast cancer. She has gone through breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Now she's released a new album. So, how is Melissa Etheridge?

Cris Williamson: An Interview
Cris Williamson is a lesbian pioneer. She paved the way for many lesbian musicians today with the release of The Changer and The Changed one of the first records to have openly lesbian content.

Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls: an Interview
Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls talks to Lesbian Life about her new solo album Prom, punk rock, love and The L Word.

Amy Ray Concert Photos
Here are some photos I took of Amy Ray in concert in May 2005.

Amy Ray Concert Photos 2
I took these photos of Amy Ray, live in concert in Portland, Oregon on May 8th, 2005.

Melissa Ferrick Interview
Here's an interview with Melissa Ferrick about her music, lyrics, new album, the song Drive and a frank discussion of her panic disorder.

Catie Curtis Interview
Catie Curtis, lesbian musician and folk singer, took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with Lesbian Life.

Indigo Girls Photos
Here's some pics I took from the front row of the Indigo Girls Concert in Portland in July of 2004.

Christina Aguilera Likes Kissing Girls
In this profile, Christina Aguilera admits to being turned on by women and experimenting with her sexuality.

Lesbian Rocker Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge, lesbian rocker, activist and icon.

Melissa Etheridge Marries!
Melissa and her partner tied the knot after California passed a new Domestic Partnership law.

Interview with Lesbian Musician Nekaybaaw
Nekaybaaw interview with Lesbian Life.

Interview with Amber Tisue aka Solace and Fury
Lesbian life interview with openly bisexual musician Amber Tisue aka Solace and Fury.

Interview with Karen Jones
An interview with international lesbian jazz singer Karen Jones.

Gaga for Gay Rights
Lady Gaga has spoken out over and over again for gay rights. Here are a few of her quotes and instances of Lady Gaga standing up for her LGBT fans and rights.

Lesbian Life interviews bisexual musician Inaia.

Lesbian Life interview with Margrit Eichler of True Margrit
Lesbian Life interview with Margrit Eichler of True Margrit.

Lesbian Life Interview with Karina Iglesias
Lesbian Life interview with singer/song writer Karina Iglesias.

Bessie Smith: Empress of the Blues and Bisexual Woman
Bessie Smith, known as the Empress of the Blues, was also bisexual.

Lesbian Life Interview with Freckles Thewriter
Lesbian Life interviews Freckles Thewriter.

Lesbian Life Interview with Chely Wright
Chely Wright - Lesbian Life Interviews Chely Wright about coming out, her love love, her charity work, her music and her book Like Me.

Favorite Musician or Band
Nominate your favorite lesbian musician or band for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Interview with Nicole and Natalie Albino--Nina Sky
Nicole and Natalie Albino are identical twin sisters who make up the band Nina Sky.

Dusty Springfield
Dusty Springfield was a popular singer/songwriter in the 60s and early 70s whose hits included "Son of a Preacher Man" and "I Only Want to be with You."

Ashleigh Flynn's A Million Stars
Singer/Songwriter Ashleigh Flynn's A Million Stars shines a bright light for LGBT Youth and gender-nonconforming women.

MK Nobilette from American Idol
Will MK Nobilette be the next American Idol

Up All Night with Jamie Anderson
Lesbian troubadour Jamie Anderson tells about her 27 years on the road as a touring musician in this Lesbian Life interview.

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