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Interview with God-Des of God-Des & She

Lesbian Rapper dishes about music, TV and The L Word


Interview with God-Des of God-Des & She

God-des (bottom) and SHE (top)

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Lesbian rap star God-Des of God-Des & She is taking America by storm. They performed on season finale of The L Word. You can see her video in heavy rotation on Logo's "Click List." She was also featured in a documentary on gay and lesbian hip hop artists Hip-Hop Homos.

I had the opportunity to talk with God-Des. Here's what she had to say.

Lesbian Life: I first saw you on Logo a documentary about queer hip hop artists (Hip-Hop Homos). You were just moving from Madison, WI to NYC. No offense, but I really thought that was the last I would see of you. Now you’ve got the #1 spot on Logo’s click list and an appearance on The L Word. So, what exactly happened after your move to gain you so much success, so quickly?

God-Des: (Laughs) None taken. Well we have actually lived in New York now for a little over two years now. The documentary first aired on Logo after we had already moved to New York. We had already been performing for many years and had built a strong fan base around the country before we ever had the Logo opportunity. It isn't really like our music or our message is any different than it was four years ago, it is just that we met the right people and had the right opportunities to get the exposure for people to know who we were. We knew if we kept working hard and networked that could be successful. And it sure has not happened quickly. I have been performing as God-Des for nearly 11 years and She and I have been a duo for about five. It has been long time coming.

Lesbian Life: How did you land The L Word gig?

God-Des: I was bartending at a bar in Manhattan and this girl came up to me and said, "Hey, you're God-Des right?" I said yes and she said that she loved SHE and I so much and that we made her cry during our performance at Michigan. We continued talking and she asked if I would ever want to be on The L Word. I obviously said yes and she said she knew Elizabeth Ziff (EZ Girl) of Betty and that she would send her an email about us. I sent EZ our music and the next day she called me.

Lesbian Life:How did the two of you meet and begin performing together?

God-Des: We met in Madison, Wisconsin on the music scene. SHE was in a rock band and I was doing my God-Des gig. I basically told her that she REALLY needed to do some songs with me as a side project. We really started to blow up and get gigs all over the country so she left her other band and focused on us.

Lesbian Life: What artists have influenced you?

God-Des: My Mom and Dad are both classical muscians and have really inspired me and made me want to be great at what I do musically. As far as other folks, 2 Pac has inspired me the most. He could take an entire world problem and sum it up in one song in a way that everyone could understand and relate too. He's amazing.

Lesbian Life: Are there any other queer hip-hop bands that you like?

God-Des: I love a lot of folks. Our homeboy Johnny Dangerous, Soce The Elemental Wizzard, Deadlee, Tori Fixx, DDC, Aggracyst, Dutchboy, Jen Roe and many others.

Lesbian Life: Do you think being an out lesbian in hip-hop right now is an asset or a liability?

God-Des: Haha. Depends on who you are talking to. We don't care either way. We do what we do because it is needed and that's why we do it.

Lesbian Life: What advice do you have for other young queer artists out there?

God-Des: If you want to be taken seriously, make sure that your music is great. It is hard enough trying to make it being queer so your music has to be undeniable. Stay focused and work on your craft every single day. Even if only for 30 minutes.

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