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Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone


Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone


Who are your influences?

My mother was an entertainer and I grew up listening to her album collection that included everything from Billie Holliday to Led Zeppelin. I have very eclectic tastes and I love jazz as much as I love classic rock. I love Linda Ronstadt and Mile Davis and the Rolling Stones. I like it all.

And you really consider yourself a rock n roll singer?

I consider myself an entertainer and I happen to play guitar, and I play rock guitar and I play slide and blues. It’s a dirty, edgy sound, and I can sing the same way…I don’t’ always do that, but that is what I’ve done the majority of my career – for 20 some odd years.

So, yeah I’m more of a rock singer…I mean I think the world’s best rock singer is Ann Wilson from Heart and second to her would probably be Robert Plant, but anyway that’s another story.

But so those are the rock singers that I admire and for better or for worse I listen to them I also listen to other things, too. And I see myself and a singer and entertainer and I don’t see myself as a genre or a category. I know other people do, but, y’all divide it up and figure it out yourselves. I mean half the people you talk to outside the industry don’t even know what Americana is…and they don’t know what Roots Music is, they know the basics,: country, rock and blues and maybe classical, outside of that they don’t really care. And they still put my records under “Rock” in the music stores so I guess that’s as basic as it gets.


It is. I think the record industry has tried to divide and conquer so they can sell more records. And I just don’t like division. I think music should bring people together and it seems like it divides them up more than anything…I remember when I was a little kid and they played Dionne Warwick next to the Rolling Stones on the radio and that was pretty cool. You’d never hear anything like that now.

You’re married, are you still…

I am still married…you know, my wife grew up a dancer and entertainer and she knows all about traveling and performing and she danced in NY and danced with Liza Minnelli. She’s a legitimate dancer and she’s performed and taught dance for her entire life. When we got together, she understood and supported my life and appreciated it. It really just changed my life and made it much easier and happier. Sometimes she travels with me and gets onstage and sings and plays percussion and she’s amazing and brilliant and has really, really changed my life for the better. I’ve never been so happy!

How long have you been together?

Five years.

Trish Land, right?

Yes, the amazing Trish Land! And she now has a store here where we live, in Alabama… We wanted to be near our families, we’re both from Georgia, and everyone is getting older…and we came back from Boulder, where we were living, and found this sweet little town and we love it and her store is really doing well and I love it! Life is good!

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