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MK Nobilette from American Idol

Could a Lesbian be the Next American Idol?



American Idol Contestant MK Nobilette

© Kathy Belge

MK Nobilette with Kathy Belge

© Kathy Belge

MK Nobilette was selected at the San Francisco auditions and made it through to Hollywood.  Her mom was hosting a gathering for friends to watch the show with MK on Feb. 5, 2014 and I was invited by some friends.

I arrived at MK’s mom’s house (She’s also a lesbian.) to find a large crowd gathered to watch the show and support MK. MK was there with her girlfriend and although she already knew her fate, she kept quiet about it until the end of the evening.

We all watched as the American Idol contestants were ushered to an airplane hanger where some of them had to “sing for their lives.” Certain contestants who the judges were not certain about, were called forward to sing and their performance would determine whether they would go on to the next round, or just be brought back to the airport and sent right back home. 

MK was one of the ones who had to sing. She was then put on a bus and told the bus would either be going to the hotel to get ready for Hollywood Week, or straight back to the airport, without even the chance to unpack her bag.

For a few tense moments, she did not know her fate, but was relieved when it became clear they were not going to the airport and were dropped off at the hotel with the other contestants.

But the drama was not over. MK and the others had to join up with two or three others for the group competition. MK found her group and her groove. When it came time for her to sing Royals by Lorde, she nailed it and the judges loved her. MK was sent through to the next round and was invited back to Hollywood to keep competing. 

I was not allowed to interview MK or her mother. They both signed agreements with Fox that they would not grant any media interviews, but I was allowed to take a picture with her.

At the end of the night, MK serenaded us with a song she might perform at an upcoming performance and a hush came over the room as we all leaned in to listen to someone who's talent could help her be a part of making history. 

MK Nobilette Makes it to the Top 30

Of course the big news came this week, when it was announced MK Nobilettte would be one of the top 15 girls selected to go on in American Idol for all of America to vote on. It seems the judges were a little apprehensive with MK's appearance and the fact that she's an out lesbian. But MK so eloquently put it all in perspective. 

"I'm very obviously gay," said the 20 year old from San Francisco. "There are always going to be people in America and everywhere else who are going to hate. But in the last few years there have been a lot of things that have really changed that and made it a positive thing." 

To which Harry Connick Junior said, "Thank Goodness!" Jennifer Lopez added, "The world is changing, I think. We think, strongly, that you could be an American Idol and we'd like you to be in our Top 15 girls."

At that moment MK put her face in her hands and cried with relief. She humbly thanked the judges and hugged them one by one. 

"The world is changing," Keith Urban added as MK made her way out into the lobby to share her good news with her fellow contestants. Even Ryan Seacrest gave her a hug. 

After all, this is a singing competition. And as Jennifer Lopez said, "There's something about the way she sings, it gives me goosebumps. She's like a quiet storm." 


For more information about American Idol and to learn how to vote via the phone, texting or the American Idol App visit the American Idol Website.


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