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Danielle Egnew


Danielle Egnew and Pope Jane:

Danielle Egnew released five albums with her band Pope Jane. She plays guitar and piano, sings and writes many of the songs. Although the band is still together, they are on hiatus while Danielle explores her acting career.

Danielle Egnew: Lesbian Musician:

As a solo musician Danielle Egnew has release two rock albums and three meditation albums.

Danielle Egnew: Talk Show Host:

Danielle Egnew hosts the nationally syndicated FM talk radio show The High Road. With topics ranging from politics, spirituality, and paranormal, this radio show is unlike any you've hear elsewhere. Listen online.

Danielle Egnew: Lesbian Actress:

Danielle Egnew has acted on stage, screen and TV. She is set to star in Changing Spots out in June 2006. She plays a lesbian about to give birth to her first child. She also founded a theater troupe in Seattle called Urban Guerilla Street Theatre Collective.

Danielle Egnew: Lesbian Screenwriter/Playwriter:

Danielle Egnew has written several screenplays in genres as diverse as thriller, comedy and drama. Some of these have been optioned. Hopefully you'll get to see one in a movie theater near you soon.Her feature Imogene's Waltz has been optioned by Clear Pictures and will be produced in the spring/summer of 2007 in her home state of Montana. She'll also star in this film. She's also written numerous plays.

Danielle Egnew: Lesbian Psychic:

Danielle Egnew is a psychic channeler. She's helped police break cold cases and assisted individuals find guidance in their lives. She's appeared on television shows Haunted Voices, Spirit Search and The Weakest Link: Psychic's Edition.

Other Danielle Egnew Facts & Quotes:

  • Danielle Egnew was born and raised in Montana. She went to college in Arizona and moved to Seattle to pursue a musical career with Pope Jane. She currently lives in Los Angeles.
  • Danielle Egnew dreamed of becoming an astronaut when she was a child. To this day she enjoys reading about quantum physics and dreams taking off in the Space Shuttle.
  • She says that being a lesbian hasn't hindered her in any way in her musical and acting careers.
  • In an interview with Pride magazine she said, "That's the thing about closeted performers--they spend a lot of energy playing down their homosexuality, but people can smell that type of deliberate secrecy a mile away, and they pursue it."
  • In an interview with Afterellen.com Danielle Egnew said, "In terms of gay rights, that to me falls in the category of human rights. And of course I think those are paramount. I would love to be legally married in my own country. It’s embarrassing that we have to leave our own borders to achieve such a basic civil liberty."
  • Also from Afterellen.com. "I’m really blessed in that I have a lot of areas that I can creatively turn to--music, acting, writing screenplays, underscoring films. When one area would hitch up and slow down, I’d go to the next one. Pretty soon, they were all hitting, I had more work than I knew what to do with, and everybody was calling me a creative genius! (laughs) I really am honored that people like my work so much. It really, really means a great deal to me."
  • Danielle Egnew is a ordained minister and has this to say, "The Jesus that I am familiar with isn’t a Separatist, doesn’t hate anyone, and talked about everyone getting along."
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