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Tips for Sleeping Together

Improve Your Compatibility in Bed


Lesbians in Bed

Lesbians in Bed

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Updated May 09, 2012
Being compatible in bed is about more than whether or not your sex works together. You can have the best sex, but if you aren’t compatible sleepers, that can cause tension and distress in your relationship. We spoke with Robert Oexman, D.C., Director of the Sleep to Live Institute in Joplin, Mo. Dr. Oexman is a sleep expert and he had some tips to share with us about how partners can deal with some common sleep issues including snoring and someone stealing the covers.

Sleep Tips for Lesbian Couples

1. Separate Sheets & Blankets: One of the biggest causes of partner disturbance is stolen covers! Avoid a fight over the blankets by using your own. You can have one fitted sheet – but for each side of the bed use your own top sheet and blanket. Simply cover it with a duvet or comforter, and no one will see the difference.

2. Snoring: Don’t banish your partner to another room at bedtime – that’s ignoring the problem. Instead you need to try to solve the problem. Here’s one way -- those who snore need to retrain themselves to sleep on their side. Take two weeks to use the tennis ball trick – sewing or pinning a ball to the back of your pajamas. The tennis ball is uncomfortable if you lie on your back, and you will respond by turning on your side. After two weeks, side sleeping will be a habit. Investing in a pillow made for side sleepers may also help to keep you comfortable.

3. Eliminate noise: If you and your partner are not on the same sleep schedule, it might be hard to get some shut eye with their TV or background noise coming from the next room. Invest in a white noise machine. Don’t use the other settings – rainforests and waterfalls may put you to sleep, but alterations in the recorded track will eventually wake you back up. You can even download white noise apps for your smart phone.

4. Sex: We have started bringing our gadgets into the bedroom (tablets, phones, computers) and we’ve turned our bed into a workspace. However, your bed should only be used for two things – sleep and intimacy. In fact, aiming to be intimate with your partner before bedtime can be beneficial. That’s because the natural chemicals released following orgasm can actually induce sleepiness.

5. Mattress: Hers & Hers isn’t just for towels anymore! You must choose the correct mattress and pillow for your body type. One tool to help is bedMATCH, available in more than 2,000 retailers nationwide, which will help determine what type of mattress is best suited to your body. If you each have different needs, select a mattress with two separate zones of comfort like the My Side by Kingsdown, or Dualcomfort Magnifico by Magniflex. Remember to look for the 90 night guarantee many mattress companies offer and take that time to make sure your new bed is truly comfortable.

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