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Traveling with Sex Toys

The Lesbian's Guide to Traveling with Sex Toys


Traveling with Sex Toys

Lesbians packing a suitcase

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If you’re heading out for a romantic vacation with your sweetie, or going to meet your long distance lover, chances are you want to bring some of your favorite sex toys with you. Or maybe you want to surprise your lover with a new vibrating wand.

You never know what could happen as you go through airport security, but if you use common sense and take a few precautions, you should zip through security with no problem.

To Check or Not to Check?

Perhaps you remember the scene from The L Word where a security screener pulled Dana’s luggage aside because her new dildo looked like a gun to security officers. TSA is confiscating things like nail clippers and scissors, imagine trying to explain your nipple clamps or hand cuffs to a security officer as others wait behind you to get through security. If it’s in your checked luggage, they’re less likely to pull things out and question you. Don’t carry anything in your checked luggage that you aren’t willing to lose because security could confiscate it.

However, there are stories of people who have had their dildos removed from their checked luggage and sometimes cut into pieces. At least if you have it with you, you can prevent the item from being destroyed.

If you do decide to put toys in your carry-on luggage, put them in a clear plastic bag. That way, if you are questioned about them, they will at least not be handled directly by a security officer’s hands.

Remove Batteries

If you have any toys that vibrate, be sure to remove the batteries. There have been numerous stories of people being stopped by security for vibrating luggage, even checked luggage. Don’t forget the small watch size batteries. If your vibe is the rechargeable kind without a removable battery, check to see if it has a safety switch and turn it off.


The three ounce rule for liquids applies to lube, so be sure to bring along a travel size and put it in a zip lock baggie or pack it in your checked luggage. It’s a good idea to put it in a zip lock baggie there too, in case it opens during travel, you won’t have slippery stuff all over your favorite shirt.


Dildos are less of a problem in airline travel because they are usually made of silicon or rubber and will not alert security. Wrap them in cloth to protect them. Metal dildos definitely should not go in carry-on luggage unless you are prepared to have it confiscated. And be sure to take extra care when packing a glass dildo so it doesn’t break when it’s tossed around


Harnesses shouldn’t be a problem in your packed luggage, but wearing them on the plane is not recommended unless there are no metal parts. The metal O-rings will set off the metal detectors as you go through airport security.

S/M Toys

If you're into BDSM you might want to consider what toys to take and which ones to leave at home. Anything that has spikes or protruding metal parts might set off a security alert. Some toys might be better off left at home.

Customs and Norms

Be mindful of the customs of the places you are traveling to. Your vibrators might not get a second glance at the San Francisco airport, but it might be a different story at a small town in the South. In some Arab countries owning a sex toy is illegal. Make sure you know the laws where you are traveling.

Be Honest

If you do get stopped and questioned by security about an item in your possession, answer honestly. Better to be embarrassed than to be hauled off for questioning and miss your flight.
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