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Ways to Green Up Your Sex Life

Sustainable Lesbian Sex


You drive a hybrid car, that is when you're not biking to work. You buy biodegradable cleaning products and recycle everything. You care about the earth and the environment, so shouldn't your eco-friendly attitude extend to the bedroom?

Sure, the "greenest" way to have sex is to just enjoy your two naked bodies together. With the lights off, of course. But if you're the kind who likes toys, or needs a little lube, there are ways to go greener.

I spoke to Dr. Carol Queen of Good Vibrations about going green in the bedroom and and she said, "Some number of Good Vibrations customers have always been interested in, and concerned about, sex toy safety and environmental impact. Twenty years ago, when I started at Good Vibes, I remember people asking about Chinese-made products (worried about the carbon footprint of getting them here, though we didn't use that phrase back then). I believe that lesbian consumers have been especially interested in these issues. The ante was upped quite a bit when we (and some of our customers) got concerned about phthalates in some of the materials toys are made of. Some years later, new materials are much more commonly used, we finally have vibrator (not just dildo) manufacturers who use silicone, and it seems that all toy manufacturers are including phthalate-free choices in their toy lines."

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are additives commonly used in the manufacture of plastics. Phthalates have been linked to some health concerns and as a result, many manufacturers have discontinued using them.

What can you do to make your sex practices more earth-friendly?

  • When possible, use products with organic ingredients. For example, there are many varieties of organic lube on the market now.
  • Consider where the products are made and how far they need to be shipped. There might not be a sex toy manufacturer in your home town, but consider the amount of fuel needed to ship something over seas or cross country.
  • Buy recycled when you can. An example is In Her Tube harnesses that are made from recycled bicycle tubes.
  • Consider how it's powered. A plug-in vibrator is going to be better for the environment than one that uses batteries. If your vibrator uses batteries, consider using rechargeable ones.
  • Consider what the toy is made of. Glass and metal products are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones. More and more sex-toy manufacturers are moving toward green technology.

    Here are just three Earth Friendly products to consider:

    The Earth Angel hand powered vibrator. Like those flash lights that you hand crank to turn them on, the Earth Angel vibrator lasts for one hour with eight minutes worth of cranking. It also charges via a USB port.

    For those of you who care about all the little creatures that could be harmed in the making of your sexy toys, Glyde makes a line of vegan condoms.

    How many times have you bought a vibrator, only to have the motor wear out in a few weeks or months? The Little Chroma vibrator by Jimmyjane has a replaceable motor, so that when it wears out, you don't have to replace the whole thing, just the motor. And it runs on a rechargeable battery.

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