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Steps of Tribadism

Lesbian Sex Question


Felice Newman

Author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book

Cleis Press
Lesbian Sex Questions Answered by Lesbian Sex Expert Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us

Hi how are you? This is embarrassing to ask you but can you tell me the steps of this tribadism? It sounds pleasurable and would love to try it on my girlfriend.

From Felice Newman, author of the Whole Lesbian Sex Book:

Tribadism is very pleasurable. It's what some call frottage (from the French verb "to rub") and others call dry humping or dry f**king (though it's not necessarily very dry!) Basically, tribadism is grinding your vulva against some part of your partner's body. You can hump a partner's thigh, rub vulva to pubic bone, or vulva to tailbone. You can do it with clothes on or off. If you have an extremely responsive clit, you may especially appreciate the indirect stimulation.

Felice Newman

Publisher, Cleis Press

Author, The Whole Lesbian Sex Book

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