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Do Butch Women Like to Be Touched Sexually?


Question: Do Butch Women Like to Be Touched Sexually?

From an email question:

I've never been with a woman who didn't like to touch and be touched. I recently saw a woman dressed in a "man's suit" and she looked good. I'm not used to seeing that here. If I see her again, I want to say hello. But I wasn't sure if all butch women had bedroom restrictions...I'm not exactly a femme lesbian, so maybe a butch lesbian wouldn't be interested in me anyway.
Answer: The simple and easy answer is there is more than one kind of butch lesbian. Hell the person you saw in the bar may not even identify as butch. You really can't judge a book by it's cover.

For some being a butch has to do with how they are in bed. For others it is more how they present themselves to the world or how they feel on the inside. You might look at someone as say, "She's butch" based on how she looks, but she might not identify that way at all.

Some butches are very into the butch/femme dichotomy and are only attracted to other femmes. Others only like to date other butches. Some don't have a preference one way or another.

So I can understand why you would be confused. So instead of making a snap judgment of someone based on her looks, why don't you go introduce yourself and get to know her better.

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