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Help My Sex Life!


Question: Help My Sex Life!
I am 27 and have been with my girlfriend for 10 years in October. We have sex once a year if that...It is my fault because I have such a hard time performing cunnilingus. She winds up feeling as though I don't want her enough and I wind up feeling guilty so we avoid it. Our relationship has a lot going for it but I fear our sex life or lack thereof makes her doubt my love for her. HELP!!!


Answer: Dear Kim
There is so much more to lesbian sex than cunnilingus. Believe it or not, many women do not enjoy oral sex. Some do not like to receive oral sex, some do not like to perform it. It does not mean you’re not a good lesbian or a good lover. Why don’t you explore some other kinds of sexual pleasure with your partner?

Many lesbians find lots of pleasure in kissing and rubbing against one another or tribadism.

Others enjoy sex toys including dildos and vibrators.

You can use your fingers and hands to instill all kinds of pleasure in your partner (and yourself!).

Some people enjoy fisting and anal sex.

Don’t let your dislike of cunnilingus stop you from having a healthy and happy sex life.

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