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My Girlfriend Watches Straight Porn, Does She Want a Penis?


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Question: My Girlfriend Watches Straight Porn, Does She Want a Penis?
My girlfriend watches straight porn and threesomes. I am worried that she might want the penis. Maybe it's just me but I need to know if I can do anything to get my question answered to get my mind cleared. Could she possible be thinking of having straight sex?
Perplexed about Porn

Dear Perplexed,

While I can't answer for certain that your girlfriend doesn't want to have straight sex, I can tell you that many people of all different orientations are attracted to different kinds of porn. It's interesting that no one ever questions straight men who like lesbian porn. But if a lesbian likes straight or gay male porn, suddenly there is cause for concern.

Porn is not real. It's fantasy. Your girlfriend may never want to have sex with a man or a threesome, but watching it on screen turns her on. As long as she is able to be present in your sexual relationship, there is nothing wrong with that. It's something different than what she is experiencing. That's what makes it exciting. Maybe she is putting herself in the man's place in the video and imagining that she has the penis. You never know what she is thinking.

Many lesbians don't like lesbian porn because so much of it is made for a straight male audience. The women don't look real, they look, well, like porn stars. The kind of porn people like doesn't necessarily match their sexual orientation.

The best way to understand what your lover wants is to ask her. Perhaps there is something she sees in those videos that she would like to act out in fantasy play with you. Maybe she would like you to watch along with her or maybe she wants to keep her porn watching private.

As long as you have a healthy sex life, I wouldn't worry about what porn she watches. If it seems like she is more into the videos than your sex life, then I would have cause for concern.

Why don't you ask your lover if there is something you can do to make your sex life more exciting. What she comes up with might surprise you.

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