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When Should you Tell a Partner about an STD?


Question: When Should you Tell a Partner about an STD?
If you have a sexually transmitted disease like herpes, HIV or Hepatitis C, when is a good time to tell your partner or someone you are dating that you have the disease or infection?
Answer: You should tell your potential sex partner that you have an STD before you have sex with them. This discussion should happen, not immediately before you have sex, but sometime before then. You don't need to disclose this information on the first date - unless you plan to sleep with this person on the first date.

The discussion should take place in a setting that is private. It should be at a time when you are talking about things in your lives, not when you are getting all hot and heavy on the couch.

It is important that you understand the nature of your disease, how it is spread and how to prevent spreading it to your partner, so that you can communicate that with her.

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases and infections with a partner is a good idea, whether or not you know you have an infection. (Remember, many people have STDs and are not aware of it.) Here are some tips about how to talk about STD testing.

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