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Who do Some Women Cry After Sex?


Question: Who do Some Women Cry After Sex?
Dear Lesbian Life:
In my experiences with my lady love
, a few times after having an amazing orgasm I simply break down into tears. I feel embarrassed by this. I don't understand why it happens, and it confuses my partner because she thinks she's hurt me in some way. Why do some women cry during or after sex?

Dear Cry Baby

There can be any number of reasons a woman will cry during or after sex. As you are probably aware, many women are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Many survivors report crying during sex, even if they feel safe and loved with their current partner. Staci Haines, author of The Survivors Guide to Sex says, "Feeling sadness and grief while being sexual is a normal part of the healing process and can come up periodically throughout your life. Sex is about opening up to all emotions that are present in us." If you think you might be a sexual abuse survivor, counseling can help.

Many Women Cry After Sex

But of course, it is not just survivors who cry, especially after an intense orgasm. Part of it could be just the release, the intense emotions associated with being so intimately close to another person. The build up and the release. Some people laugh uncontrollably. It doesn't mean they thought what just happened was funny. It's just their way of expressing the release.

Hormones might also play a role. Just like women get emotional at certain times of the month, getting sexually aroused and the release of hormones after orgasm can cause some women to cry. Whether or not they feel sad. It just happens.

There is no reason to be embarrassed about crying after sex. Try to reassure your partner that it doesn't mean that you're hurt or upset. She just happened to blow your mind. And that is a good thing.

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