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Grocery Store Vibrators

Sex in Your Grocery Cart


a:muse personal pleasure massager

a:muse personal pleasure massager

Throw a sex toy into your cart with the lettuce and toilet paper? Sure, why not? It wasn’t that long ago that in order to buy any kind of “adult novelty” toy you would have to venture into a somewhat seedy sex store in a sketchy part of town. Now you have more options. You can go to a women-friendly store like Good Vibrations or Babeland and have sex-positive knowledgeable staff help you make your purchase. You can also browse the internet and in a few days get a sexy package discreetly delivered to your door. And now, you can pick up a vibrator along with your milk and eggs.

Lifestyles, the people who make condoms (which you can buy in the grocery store) have launched a new line of products that you can buy as easily as carrots and cucumbers. (Which can also be used as sex toys in a pinch.)

I was sent a LifeStyles a:muse. The little vibrator has five different rhythms and three intensity levels. While it’s construction and material aren’t as high quality as the products at Babeland, the convenience of picking one up with your prescription, might just make up for it. And at a price point of $19.99, it’s quite a bargain.

As Carol Carrozza, VP of Marketing at Ansell Healthcare Products, makers of LifeStyle products says, "As the stigmas surrounding personal pleasure are fading, LifeStyles is thrilled to be at the forefront of the category, offering products that deliver greater sensation, stimulation, and simply better sex to our wide range of users."

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