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Top 10 Lesbian Sexual Fantasies


Lesbians fantasize like everyone else. Sexual fantasy can be something you play out with your partner or just think about when you are alone with yourself. Some lesbians like to masturbate to their fantasies. Others like to act them out with a partner or several partners. Use these as a guide to get your sexual life stimulated. Here are a few of the top lesbian sexual fantasies.

1. One-Night Stands

You meet an attractive stranger in a dark bar and take her back to your place for some randy action. Or maybe you spy a cutie on the bus, you get off at her stop and you follow her down a secluded alley where you get busy without even asking her name.

2. Romantic

Is your fantasy for your lover to treat you like a queen? Does she rent a limo, take you to an expensive hotel where chocolates and rose petals are strewn about the room. Or perhaps you're in an exotic location swimming in the warm ocean and eating fruit off each other's bodies while the native birds serenade you with their beautiful song.

3. Delivery Woman/Mail Carrier

Who hasn't noticed how cute delivery drivers are in their uniforms? Could she have something extra special in that package for you?

4. Group Sex/Orgy

Do you dream of a threesome? Having sex with a man and a woman at the same time? Attending a lesbian sex party? Many women (and men) share this sexual fantasy.

5. Celebrity Sex

Who is that one person you've wanted to sleep with ever since you first saw her? Kate Moennig? Melissa Etheridge? Ellen DeGeneres? Perhaps someone who isn't even a lesbian. Perhaps someone who isn't even a woman? Go ahead, fantasize all you want!

6. Exhibitionism

Want to put on a show for someone? Do you have a secret fantasy of becoming a pole dancer or strip artist? Go ahead! Do it for your lover. Or perhaps you dream of having sex where others are watching. Pretend you're making love on a beach and a crowd gathers to watch.

7. Dominance

Do you ever dream of having a lover on her knees ready to meet your every sexual need? She will do anything you ask of her. Perhaps she is begging you to take her. Maybe you fantasize about spanking your partner or tying her to the bed posts.

8. Submission

Women who fantasize about submission want someone else to take complete control. They fantasize about a lover who will put them in their place, run the show and maybe even use a little discipline.

9. Forbidden Sex

Is there someone you want who you just can't have? Your boss? Your sister-in-law? It may be wrong to sleep with her, but fantasizing can do no harm.

10. Gender Play

Ever fantasize that your partner is a man with a real live penis? Or that you have a penis you can whip out anytime you desire sex? This is a common lesbian fantasy.
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