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5 Good Reasons for Lesbians to Use Sex Toys


"We don't need sex toys," you might say. "My partner is a great lover." If she's great, she might be even better with a little help from technology. Certainly sex toys aren't for everyone, but if you're thinking you might want to introduce sex toys into your lesbian sex life, here are a few reasons to do so.

Sex Toys Can Make Good Sex Even Better

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Having a satisfying sex life means being willing to try new things. Even good sex can get boring if you get into a rut and do the same thing every time, over and over. Introducing sex toys is one way to "spice things up" and add a sense of newness and adventure to your love life.

You won't use sex toys every time you have sex. If you do, then you might be falling into a different kind of rut. But try adding a vibrator, dildo or a butt plug to your routine and see where your imagination takes you.

Sex Toys Can Make Masturbation more Satisfying

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Some sex toys are made for use with couples and others can be used with a partner or alone. Many women find that the easiest way to reach orgasm by themselves is with a vibrator. Other toys to try by yourself are Ben Wa Balls, dildos, the rabbit habit or g-spot stimulators.

Sex Toys Are Made for Sex

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That's right, sex toys have one purpose and one purpose only: to enhance your sex life. And that's a good thing. The people who design sex toys have done so because they found them to do things that body parts can't do, or can't do as long, or can't do as well, or maybe can't do as often or as efficiently. Take advantage of technology.

Sex Toys Allow You to Do Things You Wouldn't Without Them

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For example, you may be able to penetrate her with your fingers. That's great. But if you're using a dildo with a harness, you can penetrate her and use your hands on other parts of her body.

Sex Toys Are Great for Phone or Skype Sex

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You wish she were there to touch you. But she's not. She's somewhere far away. Let her describe all the things she wishes she were doing to you, while you do it to yourself.
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