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Rennae Stubbs Lesbian Olympic Tennis Player

Out from Australia


This will be the fourth Olympics for women's doubles tennis player Rennae Stubbs, an out lesbian.
Rennae Stubbs Australian Tennis player and out lesbian

Rennae Stubbs Australian Tennis player and out lesbian

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According to an Australian newspaper Rennae Stubbs was in a long term relationship with former doubles partner Lisa Raymond.

She said, "And it would be nice if everybody could just accept that it's not a choice, this is who you are. You would never, ever choose this, choose to be gay. It's such a difficult thing to deal with and coming out to people and talking about it, and coming out to your family."

In the same interview she added, "But I don't hide who I am any more. Everyone in the tennis world pretty much knows who's gay and who's not; the only reason I would like it spoken about publicly more is that I wish everybody would realize that, 'See all those people you admire? Out of 10 of them, four are gay, and I just want you to know that your child can still idolize them'."

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