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Jessica Landström - Lesbian Soccer Player


Jessica Landström

Jessica Landström of Sweden

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Jessica Landström Soccer (Football) Player:

Jessica Landström is a Swedish soccer player and a member of the FIFA Women's World Cup team 2011. She was awarded the Swedish Breakthrough Player of the Year in 2008.

Jessica Landström Out Lesbian:

Jessica Landström came out in an interview with Swedish magazine QX. Here are some things she said in that interview, translated into English. In the interview, she talked about her girlfriend Sara who she met at Gay Pride and shares an apartment with in Stockholm. The two are engaged.

Jessica Landström: Never a Problem Being Out:

In the interview with QX magazine she said, "I have always shown my love openly, I've always been confident in myself and felt that I was loved for who I am." She said her friends have never had a problem with her being a lesbian. Her parents, like many, had a hard time accepting her at first, but now have no problem with her being a lesbian.

Being a Lesbian and an Athlete:

Jessica Landström said she never had a problem being out with her team and coach, but has struggled a little about whether to come out publicly or not. When the media would ask her if she had a boyfriend, she would simply say she did not have one and leave out the part that she had a girlfriend. "I do not understand why they'd make a headline of that, when it's no longer about me as a footballer," she said. She added it must always be your own decision to come out or not, not the media's.

On Being a Tomboy:

Jessica Landström said when she was a kid, she wished she were a boy, simply so she could play soccer in just shorts and no shirt. "It was so hard to always have to have a top on, and it was just for that, not for any other reason."
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