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The L Word: Season Two, Episode One

Life, Loss and Leaving


Laurel Holloman plays Tina on The L Word

The L Word, Season 2

Recap of Episode One

The first episode of The L Word: Life, Loss and Leaving

The second season of The L Words began with Tina at the doctor, visibly pregnant, but stating she wants to hide it from her friends and Bette, whom she is broken up with. She tells the doctor she wants to raise the child by herself. While Tina talks to the doctor, the scene flashes of Bette & Candace making a baby of their own.

Later at The Planet, Alice and Shane are hanging out discussing Alice’s latest writing assignment when Dana's new love Tonya walks in. Despite their trying to avoid her, Tonya interrupts Alice and Shane's conversation and asks if they heard about Marina. Apparently she tried to kill herself and has gone back to Italy to live with her mother.

Then in comes Dana, all sweaty from a run and Alice can’t seem to take her eyes off her. The two slip into the bathroom to “talk” about the kiss that happened between them at the end of last season, but of course, they end up kissing again. Somehow Tonya and Dana are still planning to get married. Will Dana ever discover that that Bi@@ch killed Mr. P!?

Tina shows up just as the girls are talking about her breakup with Bette. Then Bette appears and tells Tina that she has decided to end it with Candice and she wants to get back together. Tina blows up and pushes the table across the room, refusing her apology. No one seems to notice that Tina is wearing a bulky winter coat.

Shane is sporting a short new hairdo, but seems she hasn’t changed her philandering ways. It's her first day on a new job and she abandons her client to chase a cute production assistant into the music studio where she quickly makes her move. Shane seduces Carmen, but we really wish she would have given her a new hairdo. Carmen’s cute, but that mullet has to go!

Shane doesn’t seem too attached to Carmen, though. Later that evening she’s taken up with another gal, apparently unfazed that Carmen is right there watching. Could this be Shane’s way of acting out her hurt over losing Sherry last year?

Jenny is still struggling with her sexuality. And, Tim is moving to Oberlin, Ohio, where he’s taken a job as head swim coach. He and Jenny show poor boundaries once again and have a weird sexual encounter. But it looks like this may be the last we see of Tim as he packs the Uhaul and leaves town.

Kit and Ivan continue down the road of relationship and gender ambiguity. Ivan seems to be the only one able to show restraint as s/he pushes Kit away from an almost-kiss. And Kit is trying to gather enough money to buy The Planet from Marina’s family.

What will happen next week? Will Dana come to her senses and leave Tonya? Will Bette convince Tina that she can be faithful? Where will Jenny live now that Tim has left town? Tune in next week for a recap of The L Word, Season Two, Episode Two.

Recap of Episode 2

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