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The L Word: Season Two, Episode 13, Season Finale



Laurel Holloman plays Tina on The L Word

L Word Recap 13: Season Two Finale

Jenny is still stripping to deal with her demons. Shane is waiting for her outside the strip club. She wants to know why Jenny is doing this. Jenny says she’s trying to work out childhood stuff that happened to her. “Because when I’m in there, it’s my fucking choice to take off my top and I show off my breasts. And it’s my fucking choice when I take off my pants and I show off my pussy. And I stop when I want to stop and it makes me feel good because I’m in charge.” She asks Shane if she remembers the bad things that happened to her as a child that make her not want to trust people as an adult. She thinks bad things happened to her, but she can’t really tell if it’s real or in her imagination. And we all know Jenny has a wild imagination. That’s what makes her such a great writer.

Shane assures Jenny that she doesn’t have to do it like this. That she has other people to help her work through her demons. She doesn’t have to put herself through all of this. Jenny is sure she knows what she’d doing.

Tina & Bette

Bette & Tina are making their way to a doctor’s appointment when who do they run into in the parking lot but Helena Peabody. Helena NEEDS Tina to have lunch with her today. Does Helena not notice that Tina is about to pop at any moment? Bette is concerned Helena is stalking them. And frankly, so am I. But Tina is firm and lets Helena know that she is not having lunch with her today, even if her mother is in town. “Why don’t you ask one of your other girlfriends,” Tina asks.

Then Helena gets all freaky and scary and says, “Fine, I’ll make sure they take good care of you in there.” And she nods toward the sign that says, “Rupert & Doris Peabody Natal Care Unit.” What, is she going to make the nurses withhold oxygen or vital medical care? How far will Helena Peabody go to spur Bette Porter?

Dana in Training

Dana is boxing in the middle of the street with some really hot physical trainer. What, she can’t afford the country club anymore? Maybe she dumped it all to pay for this hottie. Alice comes speeding up in her mini cooper. Dana forgot her boxing gloves. Boxing gloves? Dana is a tennis player, training to beat Amelie Mauresmo, the top lesbian tennis player in the world.

Alice tells Dana she didn’t say goodbye in the morning. She could have left a note. The trainer just gives Dana a look that’s a cross between a smirk and a laugh. And then Alice says, don’t I get a hug or anything for bringing you the gloves? Now the trainer is really laughing silently to herself, but she’s got the best body, standing there with her massive arms crossed, staring at the two codependents.

The Birthing Tank

Tina got a clean bill of health and the okay for a home birth. Bette is staring at the birthing tank. “Right this minute, I am hating being a lesbian.” See, this is just another instance where the whole L Word femme-on-femme thing just doesn’t work. They need a butch in the mix to help put the birthing tank together. Maybe they should invite Shane over to help.

Where are all these lesbian friends of theirs? Bette’s father just died and Tina is about to have a baby and Bette has to put together the birthing tank by herself. What’s up with that? And where are those casseroles?

But, wait, Tina is trying to say something. “I’m having a home birth and I want to have it in my home.” Bette doesn’t understand why Tina would want to have the baby in her apartment when she has everything so organized here. “No, I want to move back in and have our baby in our home.” Then Bette gets a big smile on her face and starts to glow as only Bette Porter can. Bette sits next to her. She doesn’t say yes. She doesn’t say no. She doesn’t say, only if you stop seeing Helena Peabody.

Speaking of the Bitch

Helena goes to meet her mother for lunch. Her kids are there and so happy to see her. Helena is happy to see them. But then she sees Winnie is there and she turns to leave. But Peggy tells her to stop being a petulant child and to come and sit down. “Why are they here?” Helena demands. But her children seem wounded. Aren’t you happy to see us, mommy? It must be nice having a rich granny. Two ipods and all other kinds of neat loot are on the lunch table. But I guess all the material goodies in the world can’t make up for having a manipulative, controlling, petulant mother like Helena.

Peggy has decided to give Winnie the co-op on the park so her grandchildren can live in the manner they’ve grown accustomed. And so granny can see them anytime she wants. Poor Helena, nothing is going her way this week.

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